Santa's Christmas Capers

Santas Xmas Caper, developed by Reflective Designs and published by Zeppelin games in 1990

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 13/12/2021
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Duration: 00:16:16
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Player's Review

"Yo, Ho, Ho, Ho.. It's Christmas Eve, and the snow is falling slowly to the ground outside. Santa Claus's Christmas Pudding has been "Spiked" by the mischievous pixies, so you must race through the night skies on Santa's Sleigh delivering all of the Christmas Presents before the children wake up !!"

A short budget priced Christmas themed shoot em up. I neglected to include the word Fun there as the game can be brutal in the second and third stages with having to dodge fast moving enemies as well as move within a very confined space. For a game you would think was targeted at younger players, it goes out of the way to bring out primal aggressive feelings.

Overall though it plays like you would expect. Gfx are nice and each level has its own as well which makes you feel a little better about trying to progress in the game to hear them. I apologise for the long wait to start the game. I didn't think the title tune was going to be as long as it was and its the weakest tune in the game.

00:00:00 Title Music
00:04:18 Level 1
00:06:52 Level 2
00:09:16 Level 3
00:12:26 Level 1-2-GameOver