Tinyus (Public Domain)

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Additional Info: Unlicensed
Publication Date: 28/06/2022
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Duration: 00:17:42
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Player's Review

An arcade quality Amiga OCS port of Gradius/Nemesis.

Works on an A500 with 512kb/512kb memory, but some parts of the game will be very slow, so an A1200 is recommended, I read. So I played it on a stock A1200, but still got some slowdowns, but not too bad. Couldn't be bothered replaying with faster settings.

A quote from indieretronews.com:

"The original arcade hardware runs on a Motorola 68000 @ 10Mhz. It features hundreds of colors and hundreds of sprites at the same time, multiple backgrounds, hardware zooming, and 8 audio channels. So an OCS Amiga 500 does not quite match these specs. Still it was possible to have almost an arcade perfect conversion for it. However, even the arcade version had many slowdowns, and on Amiga 500 there are even more. So it's strongly recommended to play on Amiga 1200 (or better) for a steady 50fps experience."