Virtual League Baseball

Virtual League Baseball, Developed and published by Kemco in 1995.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Virtual Boy
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Additional Info: 3D
Publication Date: 30/07/2022
YouTube Release: 03/01/2023
Duration: 01:05:25
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Player's Review

"Hey batta batta swing! You're in the virtual big leagues now. Playing 18 teams from around the world. Throwing fast balls, forkballs, sinkers, sliders and changeups. Swinging for the fence, and laying down bunts. Shagging flies. Snagging drives. And tagging out runners. All in bigger-than-life 3D. With single game, all star and pennant race modes. And catch this: It's the only baseball game good enough to play in the virtual boy ball park. So don't drop the ball. Pick up a starting pitcher. Set your dh. and step up to the plate."

It's baseball played in hell! I'm not afraid to admit I don't know what I'm doing in this game and the final scoring doesn't help. I'm winging it the whole way to show the Pennant Race mode which takes you through your selected league to then play against the winners of the remaining leagues. After that, we have to face off against the Miracle and Galaxy leagues to complete the game. Each game only lasts one round. My initial strategy was to start as pitcher and just throw the balls away not allowing the opponents to score anything. I couldn't tell if it was having a negative effect on my own score. Though later in the game it seems it was quicker to just let the opponent hit the ball and take out three of their players as quick as possible.

overall, it's not pretty but it's done and the credits roll. I found really difficult to not only hit the ball, but hit it in a way that gives more time for runs. It seemed best idea was to just hit the ball to the floor... It was all to easy to hit the ball directly into the hands of the fielders though.

00:00:00 European League
00:37:05 World League
00:51:53 Special League

3D Version is also available with switched Left/Right to allow for Crosseye 3D to work without any special screen or glasses required to view. Lowering the video height in the player will help with viewing. To watch on a 3DTV, use the Swap L/R function.