Impact Racing

Impact Racing, developed by Funcom Dublin for JVC and published by Acclaim in 1996.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 07/02/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 01:12:04
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Player's Review

"The future of racing - a super- leaded, ultraviolent highway nightmare that has speed freaks burning rubber. You live fast. You die fast. Can you survive the 12 twisting tracks of the ultimate high velocity death-race where you shoot first and overtake later? Pick up lasers, mines, firewalls, smart bombs, concussion missiles and more! Then put the pedal through the floor and blow the competition into oblivion! It's kill or be roadkill!"

The game plays over 13 stages and you are pretty much just racing against the clock. There are 6 bonus stages and to reach them you need to destroy a specific amount of other racers (which can be done across multiple levels until you hit the requirement). If you complete the bonus level and get needed number of kills you will unlock an extra weapon power up. The ai racers are so good they always meet their kill requirements and will unlock the weapons at the earliest opportunity so you don't want to take to long meeting the unlock requirement.

The item drop system during a race is fairly forgiving. dropping an item after each kill although you still have to keep control of your car to collect it. If your energy is low, it will usually reward just energy until the low energy alarm stops, then it will likely be extra time pickups. It also tends to drop weapon pickups matching what you used to get the kill.

The longplay is played on Hard difficulty in order to show the final screen which lists all the cheats. Apart from that the ending is exactly the same across the three difficulties. In contrast to my Sega Saturn longplay, the PlayStation version feels easier where normal difficulty was challenging enough in the Saturn game. The Saturn game was released later in 1997, maybe the developers tweaked the difficulty, in the wrong direction in my opinion.

Once the credits have rolled, the game ends on a Jukebox allowing to play the games soundtracks with a couple of light video effects. I don't recall this being in the Saturn game. Finally, the video ends showing demo mode using the car unlocked for winning the game.

As a bonus video, I have attached the games soundtrack playing through the jukebox mode.

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:15 Stage 1
00:08:30 Stage 2
00:14:30 Stage 3
00:20:40 Stage 4
00:24:35 Stage 5
00:31:00 Stage 6
00:37:35 Stage 7
00:44:10 Stage 8
00:48:15 Stage 9
00:51:45 Stage 10
00:55:30 Stage 11
00:59:20 Stage 12
01:02:50 Final Stage
01:11:15 Demo Mode showing unlocked car