Seraphima Final version, developed and published by Zozya Entertainment in November 2023.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Additional Info: Public Domain
Publication Date: 02/04/2024
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Duration: 01:31:49
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Player's Review

Spectrum 128k

"From time immemorial, there are two castes on Earth, in secret from people: Guardians who live outside time and stand on the defence of life on Earth, and Marauders who follow the Guardians through epochs and unceremoniously take everything they want. They fought a war against each other, ensuring a balance of Good and Evil. But a terrible thing happened: Seraphima remained the last of the Guardians. If she dies, the Marauders will remain locked in their time, but the future of Earth will plunge into obscurity. And Seraphima decides to fight to the last breath to kill her enemies and save Earth."

I previously longplayed the Yandex Retro Games Battle version and as good as it is, it was a rushed release for the competition and missing features intended for the finished game as well as a few buggy issues. Now the full version is out with more screens, more secrets along with some additional items to find and figure out their purpose.

In this version of the game, there are new areas to discover and the map has been completely restructured so the whole game is like new even if you are familiar with the preview build. I've tried to structure the longplay so that one area at a time is tackled. There is an oracle that has some tips for tackling the bosses which costs some coins. You do not need to do this but I do so in order to show these screens at the expense of dragging out the video. Making use of the in game save system I can show some deaths and any messages shown for doing so.

The game has a few hidden rooms to find as well as coins. There are plenty more coins in the game than are needed for the oracle. I can only manage to find seven on the eight secrets unfortunately leaving me with 98% completion and its especially annoying as I have spent much time trying to find them all.

Its a really big game for the Spectrum. Fluid parallax levels with minimal colour clash with overall very detailed graphics. The player sprite is beautifully animated and developed further as you collect extra weapons and abilities for fighting the bosses. There are three ending and I finish with what I believe is the best ending. I will attack the less good and bad endings onto the end of the video. The ending is determined by what you do to finish the final fight.

Overall another great ZOSYA release showing off what can be done within the hardware limits. The only negative thing I can say is not enough music variety with one song pretty much playing throughout.

Locations of Secret areas:-
1. Hidden Room in the starting Area
2. Hidden Room in the Ice Palace Wall
3. Hidden Room in the wall where you collect the Fire While Jumping Power
4. Hidden Room in the Mine opposite the fuel collectable
5. Hidden Room in the Castle wall before going out to the garden
6. Hidden Room under the bridge using the bike.
7. Hidden Feather on the bed in lighthouse (use Sword)
8. ???

00:00:00 Title Screens / Intro
00:02:20 Game Starts Here
01:27:02 Good Ending
01:29:15 Less good ending
01:30:24 Bad Ending