Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

NOTE: The YouTube version has been edited due to copyright. Please watch the version for full experience.

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 18/05/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 08:09:49
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Player's Review

An obscure gem from Namco in association with tri-Crescendo, an external group of developers specialized in RPGs. The game itself has many elements from the 3D entries in the Legend of Zelda series, along with a few other inspirations in its genre.

A young boy named Seto meets a beautiful girl at some garden of white flowers, suddenly she runs away without telling the boy her name, and here's where Seto starts out his adventure in search for that girl. During his quest he meets a few characters who tell him plenty of information about what happened with all people in the abandoned village and the possible survivors. These buddies can also aid him in his quest thanks to the optional 'walkie-talkie' feature (which is using the Wii Remote as if it were a phone) in case he gets lost.

This game has some sort of weapon degradation system that seems to trigger randomly, encouraging not only the typical level/money grinding, but also the strategy of preparing a good equipment, this includes refill items and also hidden stat boosters that permanently increase attack power or health. The fact your weapons may either last long or degrade very quickly can be frustrating, sometimes avoiding unnecessary fights help when you have a good weapon ready for a possibly tough bossfight. The degradation system was later recycled in another game which comes from another DNA but plays similarly: Pandora's Tower. In that game, certain items get degraded with each damage you get, though weapons remain unaffected when compared to the system used in this one.

Also in the game there are lots of hidden items and documents that reveal more relevant information when they are brought to a fireplace. I made a conscious effort to find all of them thanks to a guide. At the end I attached a concept art gallery, as well as Japanese trailers of the game (the YT version does not include these due to copyright), both unlockable upon first completion.

0:00:00 - Start
0:01:10 - Prologue
0:02:13 - Inside the Dome
0:07:38 - Intro Cutscene
0:10:21 - Garden
0:14:07 - Subway Station (1/2)
0:38:52 - Trainyard
0:45:01 - Hide & Seek (underground key)
0:54:45 - Subway Station (2/2)
0:58:42 - Underground Shopping District
1:09:53 - Underground Old Market
1:38:10 - Funfair
1:58:21 - Rollercoaster Section
2:08:27 - Pit Trap
2:15:27 - Boss: Wooden Mask
2:16:30 - Cutscene (Crow)
2:23:15 - To the Hotel
2:24:29 - Hotel
3:02:31 - Treasure Hunting mission
3:35:22 - Boss: Cursed Tree
3:39:19 - Cutscene (Chiyo)
3:47:56 - To the Sewers
3:50:01 - Sewer Tunnels
4:18:30 - Sewer Tank (1/2)
4:40:20 - Boss: Giant Mole
4:42:58 - Outside the Dam
5:09:25 - Inner Dam
5:44:04 - Boss: Crane
5:52:33 - Sewer Tank (2/2)
5:56:57 - Cage Tunnels
6:50:17 - Doctor's Lab
7:23:28 - Boss: Shin
7:30:35 - Red Tower
7:43:12 - Final Boss: Shin (rematch)
7:47:37 - Ending & Credits

8:00:18 - Concept Art gallery + list of event movies
8:02:08 - Trailers (not on YT)