AoiShiro (Visual Novel)

Blue Castle

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Author(s): kireev20000kireev20000
System: PC
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Additional Info: Visual Novel / Fan Translation
Publication Date: 27/01/2012
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Duration: 67:47:52
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Player's Review

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I never played these kind of games, so I decided to try one for a change.

AoiShiro is a visual novel game, which means it's for the most part like reading a book, except at major points you get to decide where to take the story. At first it seemed stupid to me, a game with only text and voices, and some drawings thrown in. But I started to like it as it moved on, and by the middle of the story I liked it. it really is more of a book than a game.

English patch by solelo


100% walkthrough. All 56 endings included (+ 2 extra episode).
Starting with 7 part i showed an alternative development of the plot. Also i used 7 part as example for Autoskip function (skips old text and shows only new one). That's why new cutscenes can appear at any moment of video. All depends from player decisions. I know flicker screen is annoying, but it helps to to navigate in time and events. I have tried to reduce it to a minimum. (Except for 7 part, i recorded it as is from start). I strongly recommend watching all the videos in right order to avoid confusion in the plot.