Gran Turismo: Arcade Mode (JP)

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Author(s): deskawadeskawa
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Publication Date: 14/03/2012
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Player's Review

Gran Turismo is considered one of the best racing games ever made. While it has been outclassed by its secuels and other similar games, in its time it was praised like the best racing game ever made for some revolutionary features like its innovative gameplay modes that made the game extremely long, the realistic and unique controls for the customizable cars, the ammount of content, the impressive graphics that feature lighting maps for the cars and spectacular repetitions. The japanese version of the game was a bit slower and probably has less content than the western versions, but it has the original music so it's my preferred version. It's really, really frustrating thought, that the music is usually barely audible due to the volume of the engine sounds. Omg Sony, you hire an important composer for the game and then you don't even let the players listen to the music?

This walkthrough will only cover the arcade version of the game. After the 8 circuits and credits I took a save file from gamefaqs with everything unlocked and I played an extra mode with updraged resolution and frame rate in an special circuit with the beautiul Aston Martin (even if it's a bad election considering the circuit). I only showed you the replay of this, so it's less boring.