Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2

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Author(s): xRavenXPxRavenXP
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 07/11/2015
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Player's Review

Port of a great SNES game called Super Mario World. Who does not know Super Mario World? It is an extremely good game and great success worldwide. As in previous games in the series, the script involves Mario and Luigi traversing different lands on a quest to rescue Princess Peach, who was captured by Bowser. He also seizes the island of Dinosaurs, and imprisons its inhabitants in magical eggs, handing them over to his seven henchmen, the Koopalings! Mario and Luigi face challenges by 7 different worlds, until finally defeating once again the terrible Bowser and save the Princess and the inhabitants of the Island of the Dinosaurs. This version was released for the Game Boy Advance with modified gameplay (with real differentiation between Mario and Luigi), with the name Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. Luigi can jump higher (but Mario runs more faster), when Luigi riding Yoshi can spit small enemies in others and also their small fireballs jump higher.
Many of the glitches in SNES version have been fixed in these port (like in the battles against Iggy and Larry Koopa) and not being able to eat the P button after stepping up and also, unlike the SNES version, you can not return to the castles after destroyed (in SNES version you can return to the destroyed castles pressing L+R and one other button). An great game This is a 100% run. All exits encountered, all dragon coins collected (with a prize if you collected all), all stages open (NOTE: this video was the same recorded in 2013 and reuploaded with fixed encode).