Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelations

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Author(s): Valis77Valis77
System: DS
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Publication Date: 23/12/2016
YouTube Release: 19/11/2021
Duration: 26:02:31
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Player's Review

I have this thing for backtracking and not being able to follow specific directions on where to go in the game. For that reason im gonna make a few notes.
1.Like usual i always gain levels off screen when im resting since this game has Vocations/Job classes they get levels of their own, it applies to them as well.
2. I got the Mini Medals (100 need to get prizes however i obtained 103 of them but there are 106 total mini medals in this game, I'm not sure where the rest of the three went.)
3.Watching just remember to appreciate what i go through for you. Enjoy!