MiG-29 Fighter Pilot

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Publication Date: 06/06/2017
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Player's Review

MiG-29 Fighter pilot is a combat flight simulator video game released by Domark in 1993. This game seems to be a port of MiG-29 Fulcrum, which was released by Domark in 1990 for the Acorn Archimedes, Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS PC platforms. In 1991 an enhanced version of that game was released as MiG-29M Super Fulcrum. Even though the Mega Drive port was sold as MiG-29 Fighter pilot, the game's title screen still reads MiG-29 Fulcrum.

The player flies a Mikoyan MiG-29 on six solo missions. The MiG-29 is armed with AA-8 Aphid air-to-air missiles, AS-7 Kerry air-to-surface missiles, S-240 rockets, as well as a cannon. Enemies include anti-air guns, SAMs, some gunships, gun boats and frigates, Harriers, Shenyang F-7s, Mirage Jets.

This port lags quite a lot, which takes away from the immersion and overall playing experience. It also has a number of differences from the computer versions, from graphics and cutscenes to missions themselves.

I try to destroy as many targets as possible, except for aircraft, because those spawn indefinitely and get immediately replaced once you kill them. After completing the game, I show extra stuff like animations and game over screens.

All of the game's plot is absent from the game and is described in its manual:

"The Middle Eastern state of Arzaria under the command of General Hasouz has invaded the oil-rich principality of Sautar. Western concern hinges on the fact that General Hasouz now has control of a quarter of the World's oil production as well as having a springboard to attack the neighboring country of Yabal. If this were to happen sources close to the government say that the whole balance of power in the region would be over-turned. The Secretary General of the United Nations has stated that the air forces of the Commonwealth of Soviet States will fly alongside NATO forces in an attempt to liberate Sautar. The Russian built MiG-29 will be the spearhead of the operation...

OPERATION: RED WITCH: In order to allow NATO's Quick Response Force to embark on a land offensive to recapture Sautar, the Arzarian Command Control and Communications system (CCU) has to be destroyed. It is housed in the dusty town of Al Tamas deep in enemy held territory. The main target, the CCC itself, is made up of four buildings in the center of town. It is vital that these buildings and no others be destroyed. Public opinion of the military operation could turn if there is any collateral damage.

OPERATION: BLUE SEA-SPRITE: The "Chester", a Dallas class ICBM submarine carrying a crack QRF commando group, has run aground and been captured by the Arzarian navy. Arzarian gunships have managed to attach high-tensile steel cables to the sub and are towing it to the artificial harbor at Tabor. Your mission is to free the Chester and escort it back to safety. The mission will only be complete when the sub docks at friendly harbor. "Spy in the Sky" satellites show that a fully operational Arzarian navy battle-group consisting of two frigates is heading to the area at full speed to give support to the towing gun-ships. This battle group will almost certainly be protected by helicopter patrols. The satellites also show an enemy frigate in dock at the harbor at Tabor. This makes the whole harbor area a valid military target. You must destroy all enemy gunboats to prevent them from attacking the sub once you've freed it. If the submarine is destroyed, the mission is a failure.

OPERATION: YELLOW DRAGON: The tide of the battle is turning. QRF ground forces are advancing, over-running Arzarian front-lines and cutting their supply lines. Now, however, a new danger exists. As our ground forces advance, they put themselves in danger from attack by medium range "Freedom" missiles. Military intelligence has given you the location of the launchers. They must be destroyed at all costs. In this mission you will have to go "Head to Head" with the infamous Capital Guard, General Hasouz's elite and highly trained air force. The effectiveness of these pilots is greatly aided by a flying radar system installed in a nearby AWACS plane. The silos are underground and can only be destroyed by firing at them when directly overhead.

OPERATION: WHITE PEGASUS: This piece of intelligence information is the most worrying: Hosouz is close to having a nuclear capability! The site is at Kharham on the edge of the Lahal desert, and is thought to be run by several disenchanted ex-Russian nuclear scientists. The new spirit of friendship between East and West has led the Russian leaders at the Kremlin to disclose that these scientists were experts in Fast Breeder Technology, precisely the sort of reactor used to make nuclear warheads. The site at Kharham is the most heavily defended in the desert. Two AWACS aircraft. masking each-others positions by using Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), patrol the area updating the last remnants of the Capital Guard with your precise location. The reactor itself is supplied by a new railway and road route. Trucks and trains carry unprocessed uranium are into the site and will soon be transporting nuclear war-heads out. The reactor itself can be put out of action, but if the main building is hit then the containment wall will be breached resulting in an ecologically disastrous radiation leak, and perhaps a nuclear explosion... This must be avoided at all costs!

OPERATION: IRON HAND: The modern weapon of terror is without a doubt the SCUD missile. Primitive, unwieldy and inaccurate it is the perfect weapon for a despot like General Hasouz. Aim it at a military target and it may well miss and land in a civilian area, injuring, perhaps killing, innocent people. This must not be allowed to happen. Your mission as a MiG-29 pilot is to search out and destroy 31 Scuds. These are scattered throughout the desert. Some are standing on launch pads, others are lying on the ground - these cannot be targeted. This means that they will appear on your Mission Map, but not on your radar. You may even see some Scuds on the backs of trucks being transported nearer to the front-line."