Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team are a matched pair of Pokemon games for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, respectively. These games are the first two entries in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, an adaptation of the Mystery Dungeon games for Pokemon. These two games were developed by Chunsoft and were published by Nintendo. They were released in Japan on November 17, 2005, and were released in the United States on September 18, 2006. In South Korea, Red Rescue Team was never released since the Nintendo DS was the first console launched by Nintendo of Korea. Nintendo of Korea also released a demo version of Blue Rescue Team for the PC, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gold Rescue Team.
Both games were released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe on February 11, 2016, in Australia on February 12, 2016, in Japan on March 23, 2016, and in the United States on June 23, 2016.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon starts with the player as a human who is turned into a Pokemon. A series of questions at the start of the game determines what Pokemon the player becomes.
When the player first discovers that they are a Pokemon, they will first meet their partner who also happens to be a Pokemon. The journey begins with the player going out to find a lost Caterpie. Once this first quest is done, the journey begins in earnest.
All Pokemon from Generations I, II, and III are available in this game; all may be encountered and recruited as the player ventures across the land and through various dungeons.
The games have received adaptations in other formats through the anime episode Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters out of the Gate! and the manga series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team.
In the original Japanese release of Blue Rescue Team, a bug would wipe data from any Game Boy Advance game in the Nintendo DS's second slot that was not Red Rescue Team. This was fixed in all subsequent releases.

OK, this longplay is very long (10 HOURS!), i grind money for Reviver Seeds and grind level-ups for the hard dungeons, this longplay is only the main story because i've never beat the complete postgame cause i've never beat the Buried Relic with getting Mew.