Side Pocket

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Author(s): xRavenXPxRavenXP
System: Mega Drive / Genesis
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Publication Date: 26/07/2017
YouTube Release: 20/03/2021
Duration: 00:22:51
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Player's Review

This is a longplay of game Side Pocket, a pocket billiards (pool) simulator game originally released into arcade by Data East. Versions of the arcade original were developed for various platforms and two sequels to the game were produced. A game very fun, with the world of pocket billiards, glamour, women, drinks, etc and great OST (although inferior in comparison of the version of SNES). This longplay is the Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game Side Pocket (released for Genesis in 1992)! The G-mode Company currently owns the intellectual property rights to the Side Pocket series, and licenses these games globally. I tried to pocket all the balls in numerical order as this guarantees a lot more points. Hope you enjoy!

00:00 - Normal Playthrough
16:50 - Trick Game Mode