bit Generations: Boundish

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System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 18/11/2017
YouTube Release: 18/05/2021
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bit Generations is a video game franchise for the Game Boy Advance, published by Nintendo. It was first announced under the name Digitylish at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2005. Each of the games in the series feature simple controls, gameplay and graphics. All the games were developed by Skip Ltd., except for Digidrive, which was developed by Q-Games. The bit Generations series has only been released in Japan.

Boundish is played similar to the Magnavox Odyssey game Tennis and the arcade game Pong, with players hitting an orb back and forth between two paddles. However, each level of the game contains different objectives that require the player to alter the way the orb is battered about.