Race Drivin'

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 27/02/2018
YouTube Release: 05/11/2021
Duration: 01:01:48
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Player's Review

Race Drivin' released on various platforms and this video shows the saturn version that was released in 1995. The game is oddly in a hires laces 640x480 format. a rare thing but largely wasted on this game which just looks terrible even for the time. I have uploaded the native recording and a blended version which eliminates the interlace combing at the expense of image sharpness which is probably a good thing considering how bad the native scaling looks on the fonts.

I first play through Real Mode which is similar to the original Arcade mode in track layout but further adds detailed texture work to make the game look more modern as well as adding a background audio track. After completing a qualifying lap I mess around a little until the time runs out. I then complete the actual championship lap. During the competition lap, you have to race pretty much perfectly as one crash and you are done. Completing all 3 tracks in 1st place wins the game and unlocks some more cars.

While not needed for completion at this point, I show and complete the 3 tracks in Arcade mode. The credits are shown every time as the game is already won. I suspect you could complete the arcade mode first and still unlock the credits/extra cars.

Afterwards I show off the Formula One and frog car before ending the video. All the cars handle in different ways and it can be jarring when switching between them. the formula one car is fast but even a slight knock will count as a crash. When all is said and done, the game is probably the worst driving game on saturn, maybe even the worst game overall. There is not a lot here for a commercially priced game.

00:00:00 Real Mode - Mad Star Car - Old Sun Dawn
00:11:00 Real Mode - Speed Star Car- Rainbow Road
00:19:00 Real Mode - Road Star Car - Windy Forrest
00:24:00 Arcade Mode - Sports Star Car - Original Track
00:32:30 Arcade Mode - Power St Car - Super Stunt
00:43:20 Arcade Mode - Wing Star Car - Auto Cross
00:48:35 Real Mode - Formula Star car - Rainbow Road
00:57:00 Real Mode - Frog Star Car - Windy Forrest