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Re: hi
Already done: https://longplays.org/infusions/longplays/longplays.php?cat_id=15&longplay_id=1830
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ShaneWill 10-03-2023 01:13, 17 days ago Responded in hi
Re: hi
hello my name is Shane Williams, but I'd prefer people to call me by my username "ShaneWill", i'm a retro gamer from the U.S. and i'm mostly into NES/SNES/DS classics. also i have just published my latest long-play of balloon fight, so if any moderators would approve it, i would appreciate it. other than that, have a great day everyone

also forgot to mention that i have another hobby besides video games, i like drawing cartoons on my spare time

(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
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IDGam3r 13-12-2022 20:58, 3 months ago Responded in Hello, my name is IDGam3r
Re: Hello, my name is IDGam3r
Hello, my name is Nathan, but my gamer tag is IDGam3r, I am a retro gamer and love old games, I joined this site when I noticed a distinctive lack of Doom, Quake and other old DOS-98 released titles, and thought "This is where I could contribute", and thus that's my focus on here.

I don't have much else to say beyond that.
The Joker 23-07-2022 05:20, 8 months ago Responded in Hello! I am The Joker Soundtrack.
Re: Hello! I am The Joker Soundtrack.
Hello, I am The Joker Soundtrack on YouTube. I subscribed to your channel because you all do an amazing job! Keep the amazingness!
DafyddGof 23-05-2022 20:52, 10 months ago Responded in Helo! Shwmae?
Re: Helo! Shwmae?
Hi, I'm Daf. Just found your youtube channel and now checking out the website. Amazing work and a massive thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Keep up the great work.

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thekingerr 14-03-2022 03:35, 1 year ago Responded in ALLSTARGAMER Gaming
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midea 26-02-2022 14:38, 1 year ago Responded in Hi! I am grateful to be here
Re: Hi! I am grateful to be here
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That1GamerGirl 16-12-2021 20:41, 1 year ago Responded in Hello!
Re: Hello!
New here and wanted to say hi here before I post anywhere else. I have not had time yet to read the rules of this site, so I did not want to jump in and start making requests yet, if we are able to. Glad to be here!
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DaveyLeeSmity 09-11-2021 20:50, 1 year ago Responded in Hey! The name's DaveyLeeSmity!!
Re: Hey! The name's DaveyLeeSmity!!
Howdy all! This is DaveyLeeSmity here!

I would love to contribute some longplays here! I'll mainly go for some from the PlayStation world and some other games from other consoles as well! Just keep rockin' and rollin'!
Princess885 20-09-2021 03:52, 2 years ago Responded in Hi! I'm Princess885!
Re: Hi! I'm Princess885!
Hi guys! I'm Princess885! I prefer to request Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS longplays. So, are you ready?
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Reedi 19-09-2021 07:35, 2 years ago Responded in Hi I'm Reedi
Re: Hi I'm Reedi
Hi All,
I'm Reedi, you've probably seen me loitering around the live streams, long time viewer.

Would like to contribute to some Genesis runs in the future.

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Verloren500 31-08-2021 09:13, 2 years ago Responded in Hi! I am Verloren500.
Re: Hi! I am Verloren500.
Hi! I am Verloren500. I'm planning to do some requests, whichever someone don't have a longplay. Are you ready?
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Mightydimo 06-07-2021 12:27, 2 years ago Responded in Hi I am MightyDimo
Re: Hi I am MightyDimo
The computers of my youth were the Commodore 64 and the Amiga 500 (later with 512k expansion).

As such i am only really interested in these as most of my computer games history and fondest memories are with these computers. Growing up as a pre teen and then a young teen i didnt have much money so most of the games came by way of friends copies. Some had disk errors that prevented them from being finished. Almost all games came with no instructions so getting stuff like "rygar docs" etc was a blessing. If an adventure game did not come with a solution, i generally could not finish it as i was too young to understand what was going on.

So im here now hoping to contribute the games that do not have a longplay. They will be games i want to play because of my inability to finish them back in the day (for all the various reasons). I plan on recording on original hardware as to me, this is a large part of the nostalgia.

So a big hello to everyone here!

PS. The last person to broadcast here is mighty squirrel and its a coincidence with the mighty part. The Dimo in my handle is a loose take on my surname. Mighty (Michael) was a friend from back in the day and mightydimo was the name we used when playing doubles in sport. I just kept the handle.
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Mightysquirrel 24-05-2021 13:00, 2 years ago Responded in Hello! I am MightySquirrel
Re: Hello! I am MightySquirrel

New here, but not new to classic gaming. I have been a long time player of Atari 2600, including holding several records on Twin Galaxies.

I am joining, because I would like to contribute. I noticed that on a few of the Atari games, that not all of the levels were showcased. I can definitely remedy that.

I like to stick to original hardware, with my S-Video modified Atari 2600, Retrotink 2x, and OSSC. I also have a MiSTer that I can use for higher quality captures.

I'm happy to be here, and I can't wait to be a part of the community!
PrimalScientist 24-05-2021 10:37, 2 years ago Responded in Hi I am PrimalScienitst
Re: Hi I am PrimalScienitst

I am PrimalScientist and am an old school gamer.
My favorites are the C64 and ZX Spectrum, as well as the Amiga and early PC games.

So, hi! Smile
PrincessHearts 22-05-2021 00:30, 2 years ago Responded in I'm PrincessHearts.
Re: I'm PrincessHearts.
I'm PrincessHearts. I prefer to request any of those longplays for longplayers. I hope you enjoy my life!
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Presto5000 22-05-2021 00:27, 2 years ago Responded in Hi! I am Presto5000.
Re: Hi! I am Presto5000.
Hi! I am Presto5000, 31 years old, from London, England. I prefer to request any of those longplays that the longplayers didn't manage to play. So, let's begin!
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YaroslavTV 13-07-2020 11:05, 3 years ago Responded in Hello, YarolsavTV here.
Re: Hello, YarolsavTV here.
Hi there, I'm new to the community. Today is a good day to record my longplays for a first time.

My first submition will be a longplay on Micro Machines V4 on PC, but there is a problem, the legit copy I own uses the most hated DRM of all time, StarForce. Is there a solution to
play it without breaking the OS? It happened to me twice while I was trying to install and run it on Windows 10.

Anyway, here's a photo of the copy i bought it on eBay and own it.


Kenper 29-06-2020 02:31, 3 years ago Responded in Hi! I am grateful to be here
Re: Hi! I am grateful to be here
I do not know if I am the first, but I am an Argentine who wants to upload my videos playing games like donkey kong, that I could only get to level 2, that goes to practice, I will upload my gameplays soon, I am very happy, thank you and good morning nights be, I will speak in Spanish, but you can translate what I say.

No se si soy el primero, pero soy un argentino que quiere subir mis vídeos jugando a juegos como donkey kong, que solo pude llegar hasta el nivel 2, eso va a la práctica, pronto subire mis gameplays, estoy muy feliz, gracias y buenas noches sea, voy a hablar en español, pero pueden traducir lo que digo.
GoldenKey 27-06-2020 09:24, 3 years ago Responded in Greetings! Old school gamer here
Re: Greetings! Old school gamer here
Howdy folks, I'm a gamer from way back who's finally decided to try to pay something back to one of the communities I've taken so much enjoyment from. I think that Longplays are a good way of recapturing the essence of the good old days, along with the experience of enjoying a game to completion without having to play the damn thing yourself.

Now that the world seems to have been stuck on Pause, I'd like to try my hand at this thing myself. There's a bunch of old school games that seem to be missing from your archive - a couple of Commodore 64 games spring to mind - and I'd like to try and add them to the list.

Having said that though... I've literally never done anything like this before, so I'll expect to have to ask a LOT of questions before my submissions are gonna be up to par. All suggestions gratefully accepted. (In particular, this site doesn't seem to have any up-to-date advice on how to do C64 videos; I know that VICE Emulator seems to be a good choice but that's about it so far.)

I'm not promising anything. If it doesn't work out, I'll add my ideas to the suggestion pile and leave it at that. But I'd like to have a go at it first before I give up completely!

Thanks, hope to contribute something more substantial soon!
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