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Solder214411 days ago
hi i wanted new Longplayers for TCG Series Like Magic the Gathering,Yu-Gi-Oh and More(for some case) can you find them please
Tombing7225 months ago
Hello. I'd like to record longplays of a few obscure Atari 2600 games. I have the software required to emulate these games. But where are the rules that you need to follow to submit longplays ?
Solder21446 months ago
hi i need gameplay from someone for Arle no bouken Mahou no Jewel someone named Nenilien
MadMatty6 months ago
It's on a very long list of games that need recording Wink We are still waiting on a suitable Amiga AGA emulator with robust recording features before tackling such games.
sayijujai866 months ago
Hello, this message is for MadMatty. I noticed you did many of the longplays for Zool. Have you come across the version for Amiga CD32?
ScHlAuChi6 months ago
@Hardik Check our FAQ:
Hardik Rajaura6 months ago
Hello sir. Myself HARDIK RAJAURA and I am from INDIA. I want to use your videos for my Utube channel. I've tried many times to connect to U but I'm unable my email ID is hardikrajaura26011@g
Gawayno6 months ago
Hello! Great job on the longplays! Keep it up!
Gamezopher7 months ago
Once again, kudos to the entire team! Your efforts are truly commendable.
Spazbo49 months ago
generally, unless the game has no audio to begin with
SuperMetalGhost9 months ago
What are the requirements for a longplay? Does it have to have sound?
dustofseven10 months ago
Just wanted to say thanks! I've been a sub to youtube for well over a decade now! Keep it up! Thanks for everything!
Jihao12 months ago
Wow, its been a while since I've been here
KAGE-00812 months ago
For some weird reason its visiblity was set to Longplayers only. I fixed that.
ungulwaiter12 months ago
Super Nintendo Kiki Kaikai: Nazo no Kuro Manto URL leads back to latest longplays page
Gamezopher12 months ago
in the lastest additions, clicking on 'Kiki Kaikai: Nazo no Kuro Manto' brings nowhere.
Jkins221 year ago
Did you hear that Monster Energy is trying to sue Nintendo and Capcom over the word "monster"?
Gamezopher1 year ago
If you guys are looking for a fun and very original puzzle game on the SNES, look for Kablooey. It seems to be forgotten gem, hardly no one on YouTube is playing it.
ScHlAuChi1 year ago
Yes, there is, check the NES section!
jonathanbranham1 year ago
iam a YouTube gamer and i was wondering if there weas a nes rolling thunder long-play on your youtube channel yet