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Gamezopher16 days ago
You guys have done plenty. Do you think it would be possible to make it a job via some crowdfunding projects? Example, you guarantee that x games will be recorded if you reach x amount of cash.
PacManfan36019 days ago
Verloren50022 days ago
The question is.... Have You Seen It? Have You Heard It? Have You Felt It?
KAGE-00825 days ago
Reason is simple: we're busy. Really busy. With RL things e.g. our jobs.
Valis7725 days ago
i love how we have all these submissions and none of them are done. Man, I'm such a slacker. ^_^
Gamezopher27 days ago
I watched those following NES games and they definitely need a sharper quality: Journey to Silius (very blurry), both G.I Joe games
danielalcolea1 month ago
Odissey & Channel F longplays coming soon!!
KAGE-0081 month ago
It's an indie port. Btw, why don't you join us at the Discord server?
Gamezopher1 month ago
Hey KAGE-008, is Jim Power (NES) is a new game or it was released in the old days? graphics patterns seems too good (with advanced level editor) to be from 1990.
KAGE-0081 month ago
After a certain level they do nothing when collected. Just like on the real Arcade machine.
Gamezopher1 month ago
It was nice to revisit the pac man series KAGE-008. I was 7 years old when I watched adults play it at the arcade. Ms Pac Man power pelets didn't work?
Spazbo42 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition is finally available on archive for download
Gamezopher2 months ago
'Uridium Advance' (recent upload) has no download button.
Spazbo43 months ago
finally uploading dragon age inquisition to archive right now, gonna take a long time being 660gb
DiggerandIndy3 months ago
@Gamezopher No, the admins must've dug up the video from long ago. I uploaded it, but I deleted the submission not long after that.
Gamezopher3 months ago
Oh, are you back DiggerandIndy? Just saw a new video from you. Or maybe it's a past upload?
FireyPaperMario3 months ago
Has anyone done a longplay on 1 of the Taiwanese Mega Drive rpgs in the history of the World of Longplays community? I wanna do one on 1 of them, via my Evercade vs. if that's allowed
Spazbo43 months ago
Shadow Warrior 2 has finally finished uploading to archive's FTP
Tsunao3 months ago
If folks care: I replaced Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X with BETTER videos this time. No remotejoylite jank (flickering and slowdowns).
WWECLMAN3 months ago
Hi, guys! I just came back from my longest holidays. I'm gonna let you know that I'll play Beast Wrestler next month. I was in trouble saving state the last stop of the movie. I'll play