Monster Hunter PS2 longplay request

Last updated on 2 months ago
Game title: Monster Hunter
Platform: PS2
Release Date(s): March 11th, 2004 (JP);September 21st, 2004 (US); May 27th, 2005 (EU)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action RPG

You play as a hunter who is tasked to slay monsters in order to craft weapons and armor from their remains, the game relies on the players skill in trap usage as you can craft items to disable the enemy monster. The combat revolves around watching the monster's movement to dodge and counterattack, along with watching your health/stamina. Some weapons and armor require certain monster parts (Head, Body, Hand, Waist, Leg) that may or may not drop, so there's a chance you have to grind for them. Unlike most RPGs, the hunter doesn't level up stats instead relying on the armor and weapons to exploit monster weaknesses or gain immunity to status ailments, and to survive the environment that they live in. Minegard is a vast world that has a variety of locations to explore, like the Forest and Hills, Jungle, Swamp, Desert, and Volcano. The hunter has a felyne (anthopomorphic cat) companion called a palico that supports the hunter with gathering and limited offense in battle, the hunter is rewarded with zenny after a successful mission. Main line quests are referred to as Low Rank or Village Quests, once the player completes them that unlocks High Rank or Gathering Hall quests, G Rank and Master Rank are unlocked after the endgame, those add more monsters, the most powerful being Elder Dragons.
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