Zelda II - Amida's Curse

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Hi all,

Zelda II - Amida's Curse is an extensive ROM hack of Zelda II that has gotten a very positive reception in the retro gaming community. Zelda II – Amida’s Curse is a brand new Zelda II adventure. The game has been build up from the ground. With a new world, new graphics and an original soundtrack by bentglasstube. The focus of Amida’s Curse lies on exploration above combat. Gameplay has been altered to make this, above all, a fun gaming experience. So, difficulty is lower than the original Zelda II, there are no cheap deaths and grinding isn’t necessary.

Having a recorded walk through of this game would be awesome for all players that are looking to discover all its secrets! I'm the creator of this game and can assist with finding everything in the game, but since I have no experience with creating longplays, I'd first like to gauge interest to see if there are players here that would love to record Zelda II - Amida's Curse. Let me know, would love to get in contact! Smile

The story and features of Zelda II - Amida's Curse:

One day Link finds a portal to a strange land. Curious he starts exploring the magical world of Amida. Little does he know, that he’s on a brand new adventure that will take him to places he couldn’t have imagined. Amida has a deep emotional link to our hero. Can Link unravel the secrets of Amida and return to his own world?


9 new temples to explore (vs 7 in vanilla Zelda II).
11 new towns to visit (vs 8 in vanilla Zelda II).
New soundtrack.
Brand new overworld.
New story.
New graphics.
Animated tiles on the overworld.
Balanced difficulty, no cheap deaths.
No random encounters on the overworld.
Loads of gameplay tweaks (building on Zelda II Redux).
Lives you find are permanent.
No grinding necessary.
Enemy rebalancing, no more huge HP pools.
Press A as a Fairy to instantly return to your normal form.
Temple stones give fixed EXP.
Fairy can’t fly through doors.
Save anywhere by pressing up and A on the start menu. Be aware though, that you’ll be warped back to the starting point of the game. So, only use this option when you want to stop playing.
And so much more…

You can find the game, along with many in-depth reviews here: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6292/

Watch the release trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCqrJ...CqrJi8xbZg
Find the original soundtrack here: https://eatabrick.bandcamp.com/album/...idas-curse
Rules don't allow longplays of romhacks to be posted here.
Oh... that's too bad. I was in contact by e-mail with two people of World of Longplays on [email protected] and they both advised me to post a request here on the board after I explained this was a ROM hack. They said that in general they are not allowed but if it's a complete conversion (which this is), it might be fine.
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