Capture PS2 at 59.94FPS

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I'd like to record some PS2 games. I used my AverMedia Capute Card that has Component input to convert it from Component -> HDMI and then I used Elgato Capture Card (that I normally use for capture) to capture the actual footage.

So I go PS2 - AverMedia Capture Card (Component Input) - Elgato Capture Card (HDMI) - TV/Monitor

But when I look at the recorded video it is 59.94FPS but it's actually 30FPS (every second frame is a duplicate).

I specifically want to record Ractech and Clank PS2 and there already is a PS2 longplay of Ratchet and Clank and when I downloaded it, it's actually 59.94FPS (every frame seems to unique). So how come? Did the longpalyer use Emulator? Or is something wrong on my side?

My Elgato software says the source is 48i59 and the video is 720x480 59.94FPS. There is overscan so if I'd crop that out, I assume I'd get 640x448 (just as the longplayer's vid resolution is).

But the main problem is why do I get 30 unique frames and the longplayer does have 60 (or 59.940...) unqiue ones? It would make sense, PS2 usually does render only 30FPS.

If he is using emulator then fine but when I play the game it really does feel like 60 unique FPS on my monitor/TV. I don't like emulators, they make the game look different from what it actually does look like on the actual console and it's often buggy or drops frames.
Your setup deinterlaces 480i automatically, which results in halving the framerate. Lots of PS2 games play at 60fps but you need a way to capture it without your recording software deinterlacing it automatically like that, the best way is to use an upscaler that uses motion adaptive deinterlacing
Through my upscaler on real hardware it gives me 60fps during gameplay on the recording
Thank you for help.

That is interesting. Your video looks exactly like how it does on my TV/monitor.

I plan to buy RetroTHINK 5X-Pro. Hopefully it will give me 60FPS. I'd still need to capture it using Elgato tho. Even the preview on Elgato software is 30FPS.

My concern is if AverMedia does send all the frames (which it should since it is 60FPs on my TV/monitor) then the problem seems to be Elgato. But if RETROThink will also send it interlaced then Elgato will once again deinterlace it and halve the framerate.

They say it does have moniton adaptive deinterlacing Well, I hoped I'd be able to record it with what I already have since I currently enjoy the game and played it like 5 times in a row to learn where all the gold bolts and skill points are. But how Krew I Jak II says "Oh well....".

My understading of interlacing is that it shows basically half the previous and half the next frame (so it would make sense PS2 does give 60FPS since it already has the next frame ready to show) Before I posted my question I read that not every game on PS2 runs at 60FPS.

Thank you for your answer and happy new year.
I just got my X5-Pro. Would this be acceptable quality?

Cropped version:

Thank you.
As long as you are using the 1080p under profile it should be good for the most part as that should just double ps2 resolution within a 1080p frame and you just need to remove the border for most ps2 games it would come to 1280x896 at double resolution after cropping. so as long as you get that then it's good
Thank you.

I already did one longplay of this game but I used 1080p (Fill). It's 1306x1006 after cropping. But if I use the Under profile I do get 1280x896 after cropping, just like you said.
Well, I'll just re-record it.

Once agian thank you for your help.
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