Upscaling Longplays for Youtube [Updated]

Last updated on 23 days ago
Here is an update to upscale longplays for youtube uploading.

For everything that is 240p and smaller for the original game resolution then you can use MeGUI to upscale it using point resize to make sure it upscales to be higher than 1080p resolution. For example the NES resolution is 256x240 you need to do a 5x scale to make it 1280x1200
You can also use Xmedia Recode for these upscales as well as they can encode in h.264 much faster than megui, just make sure to set Rate control mode to Constant Quantizer and the number of the Quantizer to 15 and Audio bitrate set to 192. As for upscaling you can just use an AVS script in either MeGUI or Xmedia Recode with PointResize(width*5,height*5), or use a higher number for handheld games with smaller base resolutions than the NES has

For consoles that are 480p/i resolution (like Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox) then it's best to do a 3x scale to 1440p. For all PS2 (and some gamecube games) that display at 640x448 within a 640x480 window and just need to be cropped, then I recommend doing a 4x scale resulting in 2560x1792 after the cropping has been done
You can also use Xmedia Recode for these upscales as well, but also Handbrake is also good for these if you want to use hardware encoding
If using Handbrake then make sure the settings for video encoder are use H.265 8-bit (NVEnc) set to Constant Quality at 15 and Encoder Preset to Medium. Audio needs to be set to AAC (avcodec) with birate at 192

For 720p consoles then it's best to upscale to 2x at 1440p
For 1080p consoles is fine at either 2x or 1.5x resolution to make it either 2160p or 1440p
I recommend Handbrake for these and any higher resolutions

For DS and 3DS games since the resolution is 256x384 for DS and 3DS is 400x480, I recommend a much higher resolution for games that are played in the normal vertical mode to be scaled at 6x for DS and 5x for 3DS, making them 1536x2304 for DS and 2000x2400 for 3DS. This is because youtube is weird with such skinny resolutions so they have to be higher to make them 1080p or higher to take advantage of the higher bitrate that youtube gives those resolutions
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