Hey you!

Last updated on 14 years ago
Hii! I'm Raizdorf! You can tell me Raizou, Raiz' or Master! =D

I'm Belgian. I learn to speak English at school, so, sorry for my bad English and I sometimes use a translator for help.

I've 13, my birthday is the 2nd August. Sooner! =D

I have a YouTube account, I principally post videos about video games.
I often post video about Ace Attorney, my favourite games!
I begin Phoenix Wright : Ace Attoirney and Ace Attorney Investigations.

I well hope to spend a good time here!

PS: I want to do a longplay about Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby : Squeak Squad. Do I have anything to do before making it?
Hi,I already met you in IRC.You can do those games if you what,but you might need some stuff to edit your video.

Check this out
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