Playstation Game Requests

Last updated on 14 years ago
Like jecastellon said Chrono Cross for the PSX
that game is freaking cool
been looking for a site like this for a long time. didnt think such a thing existed for the longet time, but im glad i finally found it. haha

as everyone else said, excellent job so far. these videos must take a hell of a lot of time and effort to make, so good job.

as far as requests go, id love to see the silent hill games put up here. always loved the stories on them. as well as some of the later resident evil games.

keep up the good work
Agree with slickochet, been looking for a website like this for some time. Thank you. I would love to see maybe Medievil? :D Anyway loving watching MGS1/2 and RE1/2, like plaything them....but without actually playing them....yeah awesome :D

Ahh, yes, I would love to see God of War 1/2 for PS2 uploaded. Also Heavenly Sword? Fallout 3? Some more PS3 stuff. Yep.
I'd like to see the time crisis games. loved them in the arcades
Would love to see a longplay of Loaded
Policenauts or Killer 7
Oooh, Psychonauts?
Cool. I see you got FFIX now! =D Thank you man I love your idea of longplay. Final Fantasy rules! Can't wait to see ff10.
How about some Horror
Resident Evil3: nemesis
Clock Tower (PSX)
Clock Tower 3 (PS2)
Haunting Ground (PS2)
Fatal Frame/Project Zero (PS2)
Fatal Frame 3/Project Zero 3 (PS2)
I just came across this most splendid website and am already completely drawn to love your work. It would be cool to see you complete the mgs series by doing a video of mgs2: sons of liberty. I am sure not to be the first one to request this. Thanks in advance.
Its done. Its under Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in the PC section.
X2 playstation 1
Can we maybe have a longplay of the game Headhunter?
Maybe both on the Dreamcast and the PS2?
I started Headhunter on the dreamcast awhile ago but stopped. Can't remember why, maybe problem with it. I really like the game though.
I hope to see the whole Syphon Filter Series from PS1 all the way to the PSP.

could you do dino criss 1 and 2
Tomba! for the ps1 would be awesome to watch, and Tomba! 2
c the contra adventure
is there a longplay of resident evil code veronica x
if not could you please do one cause i would like to see that longplay
it's realy interresting i owned the game but i couldn't finish it (ps2 malfunctiont :( )
I'd like to see Saint Seiya: The Hades, and also MK Deception and Armageddon
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