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-incoming great wall o' text?-

Since I was thinking about contributing, I might as well introduce myself or something.
Why? Why not? :3

Came here because I remembering seeing a Valis Longplay (which I also happen to like. Series need more love) by Valis77 on the cubex55 channel. I decided "Eh? Why not contribute something too?" So...yeah, here I am.

I hope to bring to the table some old school games (SNES and Genesis, which I grew fond of), a few PSP games (site needz moar PSP games), and MAYBE some PSX (through a "special" PSP, but I have to see the general consensus about PSX games on a PSP), GBA, and DS games (if I am not lazy). I MIGHT be able to bring some PS2 games if I am not lazy to one. As for collection of PS2 games: they are mainly RPGs (I liek me some RPGs), but there are non-RPGs in there (what....Shadow of the Colossus...Viewtiful Joe...Ape Escape 3...yeah.)

I do have a YouTube channel (2600+ videos and slowly rising), but I rather not advertise, whether it is against the rule or not. My channel isn't that special anyway.

Now, if you excuse me...
Wait! You mean i motivated you to do longplays? I didn't know i had that affect on ya.
Oh man! The cubex55 is my inspiration to make longplays. I grew up with NES and SNES games for naming a few. I love this site! <3
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