SNES AVI Desync Fix

Last updated on 14 years ago
Dunno if anyone cares or hasn't found out, I just want to throw this out there for anyone else doing SNES games (or wants to).

If you are using the re-recording Snes9x emulator (if not, why aren't you using it?) for recording SNES games, configure the sound rate so the video file doesn't desync.

Config -> Sound -> Playback Rate -> 48KHz

Here is a pic for those who prefer one. Sorry for its low quality. Sue me! >_>

[img width=800][/img]
But...keeping it default WILL desync the AVI. Fixing desync is very fun.

It has to be 48KHz to prevent it.
Heck, it is the same setting used at tasvideos.

to be honest, i just keep it either at default or around 44khz i mean im not trying to make it sound all ps3 quality. i think its pretty basic sound
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