My first two projetcs: Lost Horizon and Dead Space

Last updated on 11 years ago
I'm going to do this two games at the same time, Dead Space, a very scary game, I think, that I'll make a blind playtru with commentary, and Lost Horizon, a very very beautifull and charming action-packed adventure that feels like you're into one of those movies from the 30's like Indiana Jones do. This one I'll play whenever I get to scared from Dead Space, and I'll do it without commentary.
We would like to see a longplay of Dead Space, however commentary is a strict no no. We do Longplays here after all, not Let's plays, so keep that in mind
Hmm, that information should be added to the F.A.Q.. Nothing about that in there. Well, I may do it withouth commentary, but I don't know. Maybe I do a Blind Let's Play and then a Longplay, but probably not. Let's see then...
let's play's will not be added, so you're wasting time ;)
Then I share somewhere else, sorry but I'm just too pumped up with the idea of recording it with commentary. It was going to be a blind LP, that wouldn't work would ya? Or there's any chance a blind LP can be accepted?

But I'll let you guys know if I'm doing anygame without commentary and the specifications. I'm seeing that I'll need to buy at least one TB of space to do this.
This is the reason why i'm only downloading Lonplays on this site.... because nobody destroys the atmosphere with his "Bla bla bla".... i hope this will never change on this site

There should be a way to make 2 audio tracks, like a DVD. :D

9 out of 10 times they're bad, but sometimes, they can make Playtru more enjoyable, like Gavaroc on FFantasy 1 and 2, but that's to my taste.
Who gives a damn about anyone's commentary in the game, people just want to see game that it is, without somebody ruining it with bla bla ;)
Sic Parvis Magna


Ravenlord wrote:
...without somebody ruining it with bla bla ;)

my words :D
it destroys the game!
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