Comin' up: Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

Last updated on 12 years ago
Yes - the otaku has to do the dirty work, as I am now going to record a Game Boy Advance game that was only released in Europe and Japan - for some odd reason...

Anyway, about the game, it was made by AlphaDream, and yes, before you ask, it's the same company that brought the Mario & Luigi games to Nintendo's portables, starting with Superstar Saga.

The game is an adventure game filled with minigames that you can do when you come across one.
The plot is that Prince Bo from the magical cloud kingdom (Just roll with it) had crashlanded, and his magic umbrella that can make rainbows (Am I having a stroke?) has lost its colors. So now, it's up to Hamtaro and his friends to get the needed items to turn Bo's umbrella back to what it was before the crash!

The items are as follows:
An orange (Orange)
A sunflower petal (Yellow)
A four-leaf clover (Green)
A feather from a blue bird (Blue)
Syrup from some shaved ice (Red)
A seashell (Indigo) [“Indi-goes well with other colors!” - Howdy]
A crystal ball (Purple)

And when Bo's umbrella has been fixed, you get a sidequest from Bo, who makes you deliver 40 invitations for his Dream Theatre, and some invites requires a speciffic Ham-Ham in the team, and you can change characters by talking to Snoozer after you have beaten the game.

The reason why I do that is because I want to show off both endings.
(The train to the cloud kingdom, and the theatre ending)

The recording plans goes like this: I record one color a day, and the sidequest when I feel like it.

Alright, I'll get to it when I feel ready, so wish me luck on this game!

Cheers from
Very good. Played this game few years ago.
Now, I don't want to flood the shoutbox with me rambling on what the heck I have done so far, so I am putting it here instead.

OK, here goes:

The orange - Done!
The sunflower petal - Done too!
The four-leaf clover - Finished!
The blue bird feather - About time I got it!
The red syrup from the shaved ice - Done, but it melted first.
The indigo seashell - Done!
The purple crystal ball - Ooru kurea! ^^

Sidequest - Bo's invitations
(0/40) - Beginning
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