Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Last updated on 12 years ago
I've watched every single Longplay regarding MGS that this site has uploaded. I think it'd be fun to get Peace Walker up, especially since it's easier to navigate the menus and play in comparison to Portable Ops. Doesn't have to be all S ranks, just complete the story line.
Considering he did Portable Ops, and did a very good job at it, I really think RickyC should do Peacewalker.
I dont have a working PSP anymore to record this. It broke right after the intro to peace walker finished :/
This game seems to be cursed. I think it broke both RickyC's PSP and HD PVR, and the other guy who started on it got his house burned down or something...

Since I'm almost done with my first playthrough (80h in, a handful of EOPS not unlocked, another handful of custom vehicles not completed and a bunch of S-ranks to get), I've been thinking about doing a stupid-long run of this.

I'm thinking it would be a playthrough of the main game, including the fifth chapter, with the extra ops that are unlocked during the main campaign played as soon as they appear in between the main missions (some of them actually tie in to the main campaign). It would not be all S-rank, but the missions that require S for design specs or uniforms would be replayed once when S is possible.

I would get all weapons and items, all uniforms and sprinkle the playthrough with as many easter eggs as I can find. I will probably also listen to every single briefing file and codec conversation, although knowing how many there are, I might actually cut some out in the end for pacing, maybe do a bonus-video for the rest.

However, this would probably take me over 100h to do and produce a longplay well over 40h after editing. This is not something I want to do under time pressure due to the whole "first come first served" policy of submissions. I've seen both RickyC and johtto claim it with no further progress noted and I really need to know if either (or someone else) will do it or not.
I'd love Peace walker too. If fact, the comic style instead of real cinematics is not attractive to play and yet i know the story is surely great.
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