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Hi, I just thought that I could make a thread with info about my incoming longplays.

Already made and Published:

Gadget Past as Future (maybe I'll redo this in some moment)
Ridge Racer
Ridge Racer Revolution
Rage Racer
Ridge Racer Type 4
Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Toshinden 2
Toshinden 3
Toshinden 4
Guilty Gear
Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear XX Reload (PC)
King's Field (Japan fan translated version)
Ace Combat
Ace Combat 2
Medal of Honor
Panzer Dragon
Rainbow Six and RS: EW
Daytona USA and CCE
Destruction Derby (SAT)
Elevator Action Returns (SAT)
Soul Edge (ARC)
Gran Turismo Arcade mode

Already made and awaiting the upload or confirmation


Planned longplays:

I should finish Lost Eden some day...
Well, Rage Racer is finished. It's hilarous how much time I invested for just an hour of video xD

There are a pair of ugly issues like 2 races of 11 with slighly less quality and another one with a 3rd position instead of a first one, but nothing that could make this rejected, I hope.

My next suicide inducing longplay is going to be King's Field, the japanese fan translated one. If it takes too much to finish it, I will make Star Gladiator just for a change.

OP edited with Guilty Gear planned and King's Field finished.
Toshinden 3 file size is indicated to be 644 MB in the text file, but the video file is actually 507 MB and seems to be complete.

So what's the real size? Is your file upload complete?
You know, that field in the text file is the only way for us to know when your update is complete, so it'd better be accurate.
Play long and prosper!
Hmm, sorry. It's one of my old videos which I reedited so I could use the avs script and the x264 compression, and it looks like I forgot to update that part of the txt.

The lenght is correct, 39:41, and the size should be about 507 MB.
Opening post updated with more finished videos and less planned lps :P
Ok, finished uploading Rage Racer. I put a lot of effort in this lp but I can't deny that it has some shortcomings that could make it rejected. Please check 47:24 as it looks bad for a recording error (accidentally recorded it at 60 fps when the rest of the game was at 30), and 52:11, which is a normal race where I couldn't arrive the first, and believe me when I say that I tried to copy those super players on youtube, but they take the curves much easier. I could have done a better race using savestates anyway, but they wouldn't have made me win, as somehow I was losing the edge with each curve. Anyway, unlike the other Ridge Racers, the game takes you as a winner as long as you make it in the 3 first positions.

Aside from that, now I officially started recording Saturn's Panzer Dragon :)
Updated the opening post with Panzer Dragon and Guilty Gear X (PC) finished and Medal of Honor (the psx original one) as the current planned lp.
Ok, I won't update the opening post now, but Medal of Honor is finished and Air Combat / Ace Combat 1 is going to be my next longplay. I was going to do Panzer Dragoon Zwei, but after seeing that the requisite for the true ending is a 100% of kills I'll have to ignore it.
OP updated and omg I can't believe how easy and short Air Combat was :P
Update with more finished games and more evil plans.
Hey deskawa, I've added a Tekken 4 request but this time try doing it as Xiaoyu, maybe in school or blue costume if you can.
I saw your request, but until they don't optimize the emulator's performance with Quad Cores and AMD, I can't do much. And recording directly from the console isn't an option either in this moment.
I saw a longplay of MGS3, i think that was recorded without an emulator? But just with a device?
Well, I finally ended Legend of Oasis (hip, hip, hurray!). It wasn't a 100% walkthrough but I did it near it.

As Fighting Vipers isn't working with SSF at the moment I think my next longplay is gonna be Hyper Duel for the Sega Saturn.

@Phlebiac : yep, it was recorded with a device, but just some people here have the technology to do it :P
Maybe you can do the Saturn game Virtua Fighter 2 as Sarah Bryant.
I can't do it right now since VF2 isn't working correctly with SSF. There are some problems with the sound.
games back in the days always seem hard till yo uplay themnow as a adult it becomes reletively easy.
Opening post updated with the LP I'm preparing right now: the first Ranbow Six for PC.

EDIT: @Valis: While I agree with you, I'm still amazed at how far I went through Megaman 2 when I was a kid. Last time I tried it I sucked hard.
Maybe you can do Last Bronx for the Sega Saturn as Lisa since it's a fighting game similar to Virtua Fighter but with weapons. You can also do Fighting Vipers for Sega Saturn as Honey (Candy in NA and PAL) since it too is a game similar to Virtua Fighter but with an armor system. I expect both games to at least be a 1cc run, if not a no lost run.
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