[Rejected] Mega Man 10 (Wii)

Last updated on 13 years ago
This longplay was rejected because it did not meet the following requirements:

=> The required signature is missing from the video or is not properly formatted.
[img width=260]http://www.longplays.org/images/rejected_signature.png[/img]

=> The video was encoded in an unnecessary high resolution of 1280x720.
Longplays on the chosen platform should be at most 720x480.
[img width=260]http://www.longplays.org/images/rejected_resolutiontoohi.png[/img]

=> Video was blurry, either because of a rescale operation or poor video capture method.
[img width=260]http://www.longplays.org/images/rejected_blur.png[/img]

=> The video had unnecessary black borders, either left and right, or above and below.
Borders need to be cropped.
[img width=260]http://www.longplays.org/images/rejected_borders.png[/img]

You can refer to the attached screenshot for evidence.

Here are some pieces of advice to help fix the errors:

Double check our requirement FAQ.
Refer to our encoding FAQ for details on how to properly capture/encode longplays.
Feel free to join our IRC channel for specific help.

Hope to hear from you soon. ;-)
Its hard to tell from a still image but im sure both should be fine. I've had parts go bad in the video that i couldnt do anything about and both seem very good for a dazzle.
I'm not a mod or anything here, but there's barely any difference between the first picture and the second picture for the Super Mario Galaxy run.

It's really up to the mods whether the first part of the submission gets accepted or not. Otherwise you could probably try to rerecord the first segment.
And this is the corrected one (though both will still look great on Youtube and if using VLC Media Player just shrink the video down till you get the resolution you want)
This is the blurry one
Personally i think 720p on 16:9 games are fine if they're not blurry but some people are againt and want original resolution no matter what. Problem though is that the same file at 720p will appear alot better on youtube and I wouldn't want to render a long movie twice.

Its hard to say about Mario Galaxy since you used the dazzle though which always gives the video more blur though im sure some of my older videos on here are quite bad.

There are existing Wii longplays that use a 1280x720 resolution.
Mega Man 10 is a deliberately retro-looking game that does not need such a high resolution.

The Mario Galaxy 2 lp also uses 1280x720, so it should be ok, as long as the video quality is good.

It's hard to tell if it will be accepted. Maybe you could take a few screenshots of both parts (blurry and not blurry) and upload them to the ftp (or simply post them here)?

Make sure to make them true color png images, to avoid adding screenshot degradation ;-)
Play long and prosper!
Question: I made a longplay for Super Mario Galaxy and rendered it to 1280 x 720. Also ONLY the first part (about 1 hour) is a bit too bight and a bit blurry. The other parts have much better quality. Is this okay?
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