Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction!

Last updated on 13 years ago
Really like this game, and would be good for the lists.

Lod of destruction and the original Diablo 2.

Well, if it isn't like the one from Diablo 1, that he finished the game in 3 minutes. :D
There's a 100% run of this up on Speed Demos Archive. And it's not boring, either.
Diablo 2 and LoD. Just only completing the acts. Will be best. If you go on hardcore difficulty etc. it's all the same.

Each act has 6 quests. And most of them are pretty easy to do. But D2, still is a game for having the best gear to advance further in game.
Well, obviously, the best run for Diablo 2 would be 100%. :3
This sounds really good!

But how can you define such Longplay of Diablo?

All quests, Levels?, All dungeons? Map Coverage? Character? Difficulty?

I really want to see some Diablo II Longplay!

Some games are linear (The game is from point A to point B) Diablo have so many ways to play the game and develop your character :)

PS: If Diablo is possible Sacted Underworld and Casred 2 Ice and Blood will be next thing to do (But Sacred is more like World of Warcraft Single Player Mode)
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