Winged Kitsune's LP List.

Last updated on 13 years ago
I'm making it official. Barring any major disasters, these will be my LPs.

Super Mario RPG.
Secret of Evermore.

None of these runs will be a 100% Completion, but I'll show off as much of the games as I know of.

Super Mario RPG may or may not be as fast or faster than the current published LP, but I'll give it my best shot, showing off every enemy type and maybe maxing Flower Points since I will be going for a pure Magic Attack Build. I won't be going for 100 Super Jumps, since I've NEVER been able to do it.
I'm assuming you managed to get the emulator to work, yes?

If you ask me, there isn't much to 100% on the games (well, probably Mario RPG).
This is what I see as 100%:
Evermore: all Alchemy spell (if I remember correctly, Sting isn't the easiest thing to find), the Face boss in...Omnitopia (or whatever the final area is called)

EarthBound: now, I haven't played this game all the way, but if it is like Mother 3 (which I did play through) then there are pretty much no sidequests (Mother 3 sorta had one: finding the Mouse family. Can be skipped, but why skip it? It gives the Shield Snatcher, an EXTREMELY useful item). From what I read on a forum, there aren't many good sidequests. The only thing I can think of is getting the super, ultra rare drops.

Mario RPG: 100 Super Jumps is pretty much impossible (should be doable if you are using a movie file and tool assisting it). To this day, I haven't got to it either (emulator or physical cart alike). For me, this is what I consider 100%: getting everyone's ultimate weapon (Lazy Shell is Mario's ultimate weapon, not the Ultra Hammer), defeat Jinx and Culex (especially Jinx), show Grant Guy's Casino, get the highest card from Melody Bay, getting 99 Flower Points (this is somewhat easy if you ask me. Pretty much always have an empty item slot before finishing a boss), maybe all hidden chests (I never done it. -_- One of them can be lost forever at the beginning of the game.)

Just my input. Gud luckk. :3
Hehe. I do pretty much everything you mention right there for Super Mario RPG, except for every hidden Chest. I always enjoy humiliating Jinx and Culex.

And I doubt everyone wants to watch me looking around the whole world for two hours looking for every chest. xD

To be honest, I've never found every single one, myself. I used to have the Players Guide for the game, but I lost it somewhere when I was a child.

As for Secret of Evermore, I might watch the 100% TAS. Cause I think 100% for that game would be all Alchemy, Armor and Special items, like the Jade Disc.

But the special items are extremely time consuming.

And there's really no 100% verification for EarthBound, unless I want to collect all of Jeff's items. Poo's Sword of Kings won't be gotten, though. Last time I tried to get it I sat there for over two hours fighting Starman Super and it never dropped.
And...No. I haven't gotten the Emulators to work yet. For some reason they still don't want to let me resume recording from a certain spot.

It's starting to get really irritating.

I'm doing exactly what you said. I have Read Only unchecked, but the option to resume is staying grayed out and won't let me use it.

Edit: Oh, wait. Stupid me. It's been doing it all along without me needing to click anything. xD

Okay, so I think I got a grasp on it, now. I'll try recording a little gameplay and playing ti back to make sure. :3

Second Edit: Yep. It's doing it all on it's own. I played it back twice after some Gameplay, and it's working just fine. I should be able to do Super Mario RPG in a few days, I hope. Hopefully I won't get bored and play something else. xD
Oh, and when you say FFDShow, do you mean the downloadable Codec Package?

I've had a lot of problems with that in the past. Mostly with Winamp when watching Speed Runs. Seemed to love to crash Winamp for some reason.
Due to a snafu I made before the Hammer Bros. fight at the end of Mushroom Way, I had to go back and record from my last Savestate, which thankfully was only at the beginning of Mushroom Way and not at the very beginning.

I currently have mallow in my Party and am at the beginning of Bandit's Way. I stayed in Mushroom Way until Mario was Level 3. made the Hammer Bros. a cakewalk, though, so I don't think I lost any time compared to the current LP. :3

Don't know how much more I'll work on it tonight, but I'll get it finished eventually. I'll probably play about an hour at a time off and on each day.
Good news! I surpassed my projections for the stopping point of my run for the night.

I not only got passed the first Croco fight, but I also put Mack in his place by kicking his bladed butt back to Smithy's factory.

I am now just entering Kero Sewers, and will continue from there tomorrow.
It took me over 30 minutes to finish the first Belome Fight. I wanted to get 30 Super Jumps so I could at least get the Attack Scarf when I get to Monstro Town.

Finally finished the fight with a number somewhere over 40 jumps.

And now I am up to Rose Way. I think I'll take a break until after Mythbusters tonight. New episode, woo! xD
I expect to at least be passed Moleville or at least at or passed Booster Tower, maybe Marrymore by the time I go to bed.

I'm making pretty good progress.
Grr. I shoulda went back and did Moleville over, but, meh. Turned out okay. I bought the regular Armor for them at the Moleville store rather than the Work Pants, otherwise the damage I did would have been higher.

But, oh well. I took care of that right after doing the Mine Cart Ride so Booster's Tower should hopefully go faster.

I'm stopping for the night at Booster's pass, though. I'm guessing my total time thus far is around 3-4 hours.

Edit: I don't know how much work I'll be doing on this for the next four days. The Speed Demos Archive Japan Relief Marathon is coming up starting tomorrow afternoon.
I did do a little more work on my Long Play for SMRPG during this Marathon, cause there were a few runs I didn't care to watch.

I am currently on Star Hill as of yesterday. Just thought I would make this update. :3
Well, I have already kicked Jinx's butt made it to Land's End in roughly around 5 hours and 12 minutes.

I have to say I've exceeded my expectations for doing this Long Play so far. I didn't expect to be this far in until 6 or 7 hours.

Hopefully the rest of my run goes just as well, since I'm using Mario, geno and Mallow for my Party. I'll switch Geno out for Peach when I eventually fight Culex. Just want the Lazy Shell Armor, first.
Hope you'll pardon my language, but I just made Culex my bitch. :3

Not sure why I never used Mallow before in my party, but he's turning out to be very useful through this run.

I will be heading into the Volcano shortly.
Can You Upload The Resident Evil 5
I'm just making a Long Play. I have no power, here.
Intrestingly enough, a lot of people seem to think Culex is only in Super Mario RPG. But I HAVE found him inside of a Final Fantasy game as an Optional Boss. And he completely obliterated my ass, too.

Funny thing is, I search for him on Google or GameFAQs, and find nothing to do with Final Fantasy.

I guess it's possible the one I found in FF4 or FF5 was a different Dark Knight, though.
I have played every main Final Fantasy game (XI and XIV don't count). Culex isn't in one of them.

He is DEFINITELY not in Final Fantasy IV. I played pretty much every version of it.

Definitely not in Final Fantasy V.

The only Dark Knight there is is Cecil.
Hmm...Is it possible there is ANOTHER Dark Knight of Avandia in FF4, then?

Cause I swear I fought someone with four Crystals just last year and he blew my party away.
There's only one Dark Knight in Final Fantasy IV, and that's Cecil. (he becomes a Paladin.) Plus, there's no "Avandia" in FFIV either (you have Baron, Damcyan, Fabul, Troia, Mysidia, and Eblan.)

The only game I can think of that you fight Crystals is Final Fantasy V.
It's really weird, cause I know I ran into something like Culex once in one of the SNES Final Fantasy games, and I'm positive it wasn't FF6.

I shoulda took a screen shot or somethin'.
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