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Hey, guys.

I'm here mostly for one purpose: I desperately want to do a Legend of Dragoon longplay. I can't seem to find it on this site and I feel this game should be immortalized.

I've been reading the tutorials on this site like crazy and they've been a huge help, but is there any specific advice you guys can give me about recording PS1 games with PCSX?

Thanks. I really like this place.
Legend of Dragoon needz moar luv.

If you are recording with PCSX, use FRAPS. Dunno if the newer PSXjin has AVI splitting (it has AVI recorder, but AVI files get corrupted after 2GB). But for now, PCSX and FRAPS will do (I use RemoteJoyLite to record PSX games.) Also, stop recordings after screen transitions (they make editing easier if you ask me.)

General LP advice:
Don't worry about trying to look good. Like I used to say on my personal channel: no gamer is perfect. If I mess up, so be it!! Errors make a game more amusing. Don't try to rush through a game (I myself would find an exception to Suikoden II due to a certain cutscene). It is a longplay, not a speedrun (though why I spammed Sliding in Harmony of Dissonance, I have no clue. Then again, Juste walks slow and Dashing wrecks top buttons).

In short: just play the darn thing like you always play it.

Someone might have better advice.
That's very helpful advice! Especially about AVI files becoming corrupt after 2gb. I had no idea, and that's going to save me a lot of frustration. Thank you!

That also eases my anxiety about this. I'll definitely be sure to play the game normally and not beat myself up for mistakes. In fact, I'm going to watch that Harmony of Dissonance longplay right now to get a feel for how this is done.

You say to use FRAPS, but now I have a question: The tutorials on this site recommend using PCSX rerecording and .kkapture? Are these good to use?

Also, should I edit random battles out? I would like to leave them in because fans of this game like the additions and the music.
From what I read on TASvideos, using .kkapture is the best solution.
But to record the footage, you have to make a movie file (can't game and use kkapture at the same time). The good? You can abuse ALL the savestates you want and don't have to worry about editing out mistakes (example would be getting the super-rare Runesword on SotN. To you, you had to kill 1000 Dodos. To them, you only killed one. LOL). The bad? Have to sit through the entire movie (RPGs aren't the shortest things unless it is a super short one like Parasite Eve or SotN...if that is a RPG.). So, it is either make a movie file and use .kkapture or use FRAPS, which isn't PC friendly (sorta intensive), to dump while playing.

I really don't use PCSX-rr (or any emulators) to do PSX games. I use RemoteJoyLite (in other words, using a CFW PSP) Maybe someone around here who use PSX emulators will help out.

Dunno about random battles. You could if you want, but it will take one hell of an editing script to cut them all out. (doesn't help that the battle transition takes forever to load. LOL) The encounter rate isn't all that bad for Legend of Dragoon though (unlike FFIV Complete Collection. >_>) So it is a personal thing: leave 'em in or edit them out. If I was to do Legend of Dragoon (hell, any RPG), I would just leave them in, just for the sake of it being a longplay (and being lazy bones for not editing them). Fleeing, searching, and fast forward exists for a reason. :3
Yessss. Hehe. That's what I wanted to hear! I'll leave them in then.

I remember watching a longplay of Sword of Vermilion and being disappointed that the guy didn't leave in the battles and being pleasantly surprised when Necroscope left them in during his Final Fantasy VII Let's Play (yeah, I know, different ball game altogether).

I wouldn't mind using .kkapture. I think I'm going to try it and see how well it works out.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but bear with me here: Some people seem to use Hypercam. Is that acceptable if I can get a good frame rate? I'm pretty sure I can.
I believe HypaCam is forbidden due to "unstable FPS" or something. (too lazy to search this site). FRAPS is where it's at since it can record pretty good quality and at 50/60FPS (though it rapes the crap out of HDD space).

How wude of me! Welcome to the site! :3
Got'cha. And thank you!

I'll see what I can do. I don't own FRAPS and can't shell out the money for it right now. I wasn't expecting Hypercam to be forbidden, so that kind of throws a wrench in the whole thing for me. Also, a potential problem with .kkapture is that enemies might not use the same attacks in battles, and that might and probably will throw it off, so that doesn't seem to be a good option now either.

I might do a Let's Play of it instead. I can get stable frame rates out of Hypercam by recording the audio separately.

Thanks for all your help, Tsunao. :D I'll try to keep you guys posted.
If you look around the interwebz, you can get it for "free".
I have to admit, you've really made me feel welcome here, Tsunao. So, thanks again.

I've decided to do a kind of hybrid between Longplay and Let's Play. I can upload videos longer than 10 minutes on Youtube, so I'll probably just put it up there.

See, the reason I wanted to do a Longplay was because I find most of the commentary of a Let's Play to be either irrelevant or annoying. Also, Legend of Dragoon has some truly stunning music, and I don't think people would appreciate my voice getting in the way of that.

But not all of the commentary is pointless, and I do have things to say about the game. I'm very emotionally attached to it.

So, mostly thanks to you guys here, actually, I've come up with a plan for how I want to do this.

I appreciate the help a whole bunch. :D
One more thing - the best PSX emulator by far is PSXFin - so use that one :)
Hey, guys. I'm new to the Longplays forum. I was hoping to see someone do some Japanese PS3 games as longplays - Spelunker, Spelunker Black, Pachipara 15, 16, 17, 3D Dot Heroes, etc., but i was hoping to see the legendary old classic Corpse Killer that was back in the Sega CD 32x and the Sega Saturn. Can you put that longplay in first? I'd love to see how it ends, since I've never played it.

Thanks in advance, and nice to meet you all. ;)
Hiya, and welcome to the community.
Actually, something's come up and I can't even do that now. What a waste.

Thanks for the warm welcome, though, guys! :D
Unless they've seriously missed their mark, I suspect that the "randomness" of a game is not a problem when recording in these emulators. Since it basically saves and restores every little thing in the system, random numbers will pop up in exactly the same order each time the movie is played, so everything and everyone will behave exactly the same.
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