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This game is a game i would like to see a longplay on
Same here. I would definitely like to see a longplay on this as well.
Id Really love to see a run of this great game! :) anyone?????
I'll bite.
I think I will tackle this game.
But...don't expect to see Glenn. So what if he pwnz with twin Einlanzers, a powerful character, and shares the same name as a character from Chrono Trigger.

For my choice of paths (if/when I do tackle this game), it will be to go through the back of Viper Manor (Guile path) and Save Kid (I <3 Razzly)

But first...I have to make a working eboot that will load the Status screen and get past the Mama Komodo (though it is optional).

My goals (when I do it):
-Get as many characters as possible
-Do something about the Criosphinx
-Get the Master Hammer
-Forge at least one Spectral weapon.
-Get all Summons
-Get Mastermune
-Get as many Level 7 techs as possible
-Get best ending plate is full:
Parasite Eve II, The 3rd Birthday, Golden Sun series (mainly GS and TLA. MAYBE DD), Streets of Rage Remake, and now this.

Thankfully PEII and T3B don't take long, especially T3B. SoRR is debatable if it takes long or not (it has several endings)
Good luck with chrono, great game ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
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