The Mana/Seiken Series

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It has been going round that I am planning to do the Mana series... a lot of games from the beginning (Final Fantasy Adventure) to Legend of Mana for the Playstation 1. ((I can't do the Ps2 version because one the game never came over here in Europe and emulator is too powerful for my computer))

So what's the point of this thread you may ask? Well since the series is going to be vast and long... I figure I give you all an update topic.

Here is what I'm planning to do:

Final Fantasy Adventure
Sword Of Mana
Secret of Mana
Seiken Dentensu 3 aka Secret of Mana 2
Legend Of Mana

FFA is first for the Gameboy and it's not really that hard, technically it's a cakewalk... first attempt I managed to get 4 hours in.

((Bare in mind, I do a lot of other games as well so progress will mostly be medium so don't despair if I can't do a specific game.))
You probably already know...
Secret of Evermore isn't part of the Seiken series. It is still a great game IMO (though it has a few bugs and glitches here and there.)

If I had something that wasn't a Dazzle, I could probably do SD 4 (aka Dawn of Mana). I see that Children of Mana and Heroes of Mana isn't included. I'm guessing you probably can't stand DeSmuME being super slow.
And I'm not gonna risk the DS versions... they're up to anyone out there.

Secret of Evermore I know is not part of the saga but it's what Squaresoft did release because Seiken Dentensu 3 was too big of a game to be ever release.
Secret of Evermore was never intended to be a sequel of Secret of Mana. That's a persistent misconception. Even the lead programmer said it was not meant to replace SD3, and in fact the team was mostly new hires, and would have otherwise never have been made.

So, just concentrate on these games, instead, because that would be what people are looking for in a Mana longplay series.
Fair enough Secret of Evermore is out of the list... aka its free for anybody else to do.
I say do Secret of Evermore, just for the sake of it sharing a little something in common with the Seiken series (Ring System and game mechanics)
Plus, Evermore needs more love.
I believe SD3 wasn't released here mainly because it has some stuff back then that would have been deemed not safe for Children.

You know, stuff like the characters being nekkid in bed while sleeping. That alone would have pushed the game to an M Rating here in the states back then.
Tsunao, then why don't you play it?
Also SD3 had 3 different stories and 3 final bosses but the big pro was that you can create your own party, strategy and choosing from 6 characters.
I guess I could do SoE. I could probably pull some SoM stuff, like [d]spell[/d] alchemy chaining. :3 It might be kept to a minimum though. At the moment, I am occupied with SoRR (need to get one more ending. Technically 2: Boss ending and Mania run) and Super Metroid (at Maridia, but trying to do a trick to get main street Missile using quick charge. Dunno if I want to give this site another Super Metroid, even though mines will be a 100% playthrough with some speed tricks. The other is 94% or something)


...3 different stories and 3 final bosses...

I think this was one of the reasons why I never did SD3 on my FailTube channel (that and the many classes). If this can be pulled off, then I'll be damned. If combined together, it MIGHT be the longest video on Fallout 3 (clocking in at a staggering 75 or something hours). I think if i did Persona 3 Portable, it MIGHT beat it (Persona 3 and Persona 4 aren't the shortest games.)
Yes SD3 is the original long game.
How many hours would you estimate the longplay of Legend of Mana would be?
Not sure probably longer than 15 hours, ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
I will look forward to watch it :)

About placing artifacts. Will The Flames only be unlocked, if they are placedin this order?

All artifacts and quests will be unlocked, I will aim for 100% completion ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Cool! =)

What's the small icons on the bottom left on the map used for?

I had expected I could find the answer on the LoM site...

What icons?
Sic Parvis Magna
Louise is talking about the Mana Spirits.
I read a bit about it once.

From here
I know it deals with produce and events that can be triggered.

Some events I can think of:
Seeing Double (3 Shade at Domina. Easy to activate)
Pee Wee Birdie (Very hard to trigger. 3 Salamander and 3 Wisp at Domina. Pretty much requires the Sword of Mana artifact)
Wimpy Thugling (3 Dryad at Duma Desert)

Some enemies are strong against certain spirits while weak against others. Example: Rabites are strong against Wisp and Dryad, but weak against Shade and Aura. High Wisp and Dryad levels in lands with Rabites will make it stronger. It will become weaker if Shade and Aura are higher.

Some lands have demi-humans in Eggs, but to make them appear, you have to have a 3 of a certain Spirit to get it (example: Succubus appears in Fieg Snowfield if the Shade level is 3. Not related: Fieg Snowfield = awesome music)

Mana level also determines if you will find a wandering spirit in that area. According to FAQ, a Wisp won't appear in a land if there is no Wisp level.


I thought Tarosan was going to do Legend of Mana?
Yeah that's what I thought to.
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