The Mana/Seiken Series

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I might as well but make it not part of the series... or make a reference to it.
I doubt it.
You didn't answer my question. LOL still want to do Secret of Evermore?
If Evermore has that glitch, I assume Secret of Mana has the same problem... in that case I'll use 1.52
Do you still want to do Secret of Evermore?
I feel kinda bad taking it away, and it really wasn't a game I had in mind of playing.

If you do decide to do Secret of Evermore, use the newer Snes9x (1.52 I believe). The older one gives the game sound glitches.
Here's what I've decided to do.

If Ravenlord does Legend of Mana before I can do it then he can claim that for himself, I won't have any problems with it.

The Good News is that I'm finally free to start properly on FF Adventure
Thanks a lot for clearing that out =)

I got to try that once I defeat the Jewel Beast. It must have killed me 50 times by now =(

It is a lot to take in, but in short: just worry about it when you are trying to activate Events (like Seeing Double).

Land placement affects the Mana levels. Lands adjacent to each other will affect one another. That is why I mentioned Sword of Mana for Pee Wee's Birdie (Sword of Mana has 3 in all Mana levels. Wisp Level 3 and Salamander Level 3 is hard, if not impossible, to accomplish.)

For Seeing Double, it requires Shade Level 3. To get that, you set Metiv(sp?) Caverns (Shade Level 1) and Lumina (Shade Level 2) adjacent to Domina. Domina's levels will also affect Metiv(sp?) Caverns and Lumina.
About the spirits. That's complicated stuff!

Can the player do anything to change these? E.g. killing many monsters? Or do they change on specific events?

Legend of mana is on my list since i started making longplays ;)
You said you'll do other games in the series also, then start doing it, if you come to LOM before i start my recording, then be my guest and do it, but while it's all about talking who is doing what, there is no point in that ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Yeah that's what I thought to.
I read a bit about it once.

From here
I know it deals with produce and events that can be triggered.

Some events I can think of:
Seeing Double (3 Shade at Domina. Easy to activate)
Pee Wee Birdie (Very hard to trigger. 3 Salamander and 3 Wisp at Domina. Pretty much requires the Sword of Mana artifact)
Wimpy Thugling (3 Dryad at Duma Desert)

Some enemies are strong against certain spirits while weak against others. Example: Rabites are strong against Wisp and Dryad, but weak against Shade and Aura. High Wisp and Dryad levels in lands with Rabites will make it stronger. It will become weaker if Shade and Aura are higher.

Some lands have demi-humans in Eggs, but to make them appear, you have to have a 3 of a certain Spirit to get it (example: Succubus appears in Fieg Snowfield if the Shade level is 3. Not related: Fieg Snowfield = awesome music)

Mana level also determines if you will find a wandering spirit in that area. According to FAQ, a Wisp won't appear in a land if there is no Wisp level.


I thought Tarosan was going to do Legend of Mana?
Louise is talking about the Mana Spirits.
What icons?
Sic Parvis Magna
Cool! =)

What's the small icons on the bottom left on the map used for?

I had expected I could find the answer on the LoM site...

All artifacts and quests will be unlocked, I will aim for 100% completion ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
I will look forward to watch it :)

About placing artifacts. Will The Flames only be unlocked, if they are placedin this order?

Not sure probably longer than 15 hours, ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
How many hours would you estimate the longplay of Legend of Mana would be?
Yes SD3 is the original long game.
I guess I could do SoE. I could probably pull some SoM stuff, like [d]spell[/d] alchemy chaining. :3 It might be kept to a minimum though. At the moment, I am occupied with SoRR (need to get one more ending. Technically 2: Boss ending and Mania run) and Super Metroid (at Maridia, but trying to do a trick to get main street Missile using quick charge. Dunno if I want to give this site another Super Metroid, even though mines will be a 100% playthrough with some speed tricks. The other is 94% or something)


...3 different stories and 3 final bosses...

I think this was one of the reasons why I never did SD3 on my FailTube channel (that and the many classes). If this can be pulled off, then I'll be damned. If combined together, it MIGHT be the longest video on Fallout 3 (clocking in at a staggering 75 or something hours). I think if i did Persona 3 Portable, it MIGHT beat it (Persona 3 and Persona 4 aren't the shortest games.)
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