What files are required to make a longplay?

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I know the registered version of fraps is obviously needed to record a video but what other files are necessary to upload a longplay to the internet such asw Rail Chase 2?
Did you check this thread?

You have to upload 3 mandatory files for your submission.
- The video file (duh)
- A screenshot of the game
- A text file with informations about the game in it.

Movie file is either MKV or MP4 with video encoded in h264 and audio in aac or Mp3. Use MeGUI to make the final file. For some unknown reason, the more updated mkvmerge "breaks" the file, meaning it can't be viewed normally (I use DivX Player. If it borks in DivX, it is broken) and it will desync on YouTube. I'm always "fixing" it when I process it.

Screenshot format doesn't matter. Use VirtualDub to get a screenie or VLC (sometimes, VLC may produce a video that doesn't have correct colors. Happened with me for Arcana Heart 3)

For text file: for file size, assuming you are using Windows, Right-Click > Properties. Copy the bytes section in "size" (not size on disc). This will make filling out the LP page a WHOLE lot faster. As for time, put it in hh:mm:ss format (1:28:43 for example). Makes filling out, again, easier.

To make said video files, you will need MeGUI, AviSynth, and Nero AAC codec. Go to this thread for the tools. AviSynth is REALLY easy to use.

Basic stuff for the AVS file. Copy and paste.

pointresize(width*2, height*2)

Subtitle("Game name", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura, y=height-38, size=18, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("Played by name", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+5, y=height-19 , size=18, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("www.LONGPLAYS.ORG", first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+10, y=height, size=18, text_color=$ffff00, align=2)
Fun fact: height is used for y value because it is a pain to look for the specific y value without doing extra stuff, like using VirtualDub.

Also, the requirement FAQ. The requirements really isn't all that strict. Since you are using FRAPS, you really don't have to worry about quality. Do adhere to ressy rules.
In short: record in its native resolution. (don't record a SNES game in 720x480 for example. Yes, I know. You can't record a SNES game in 720x480...or can you? :3)
If the ressy is small (I think less than 400), use PointResize.

When uploading, use a FTP client (I think the preferred one is FileZilla, just because it is so much easier to use). Protip: Transfer -> Default File Exists action. Change upload to "Resume".
If I missed sumthin', call me out!!
I'm having trouble looking for MeGUI. I looked at the tools and the website for it but I don't see it.

[d]Left[/d] Right side of the website that has a pretty green button that says "MeGui_2028" or some sh.

-edited due to derpness.
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