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I'm kind of diappointed to see very few games made into Longplays in the N64 list. I know there are plenty of good games from that system or ones we like to see. Here are some I can think of:

Sin and Punishment: Not hard to find if you have a Wii System. Yes it's a tough game, but I would love to see thorugh this game once

Bomberman 64 1 and 2: I mostly like to see through the 2nd one. Don't worry about going through the Pommy evolutions or collecting all the costume pieces, just the Armor Powerups will do, like always able to throw bombs and remote detonate them

Quest 64: I know, an unpopular RPG game, but it would be nice to see it played through once

Bomberman Hero: A good platformer game. Like to see all level unlocked and for extra challenge, perfect scores for each level, possible required to see everything

Jet Force Gemini: A Great 3rd person shooter from Rare

Donkey Kong 64: Another good game. Be careful of beating the original Donkey Kong Arcade game, forward and reverse

Paper Mario: Don't need to tell you how great this RPG game is

If there is other great N64 games I did not mention, reply to the post or just do them
i would like to see Goldeneye 007,at least 1 Mario Party game and Majora's Mask
Is it 1964 UltraFast V3 a good emulator?

I googled for good emulators for the N64 and read about this one. I never bothered searching for a 64 emulator since I own (although rarely play it) a real one...
"Body Harvest (fun fact: it is made by Rockstar when they were known as DMA or something. Why do you think there is a mission called "Body Harvest" in one of the GTA games? :3)"

I'd love to see Body Harvest done. It's unfortunate that it's been mostly forgotten.
Im starting paper mario :D
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Hmm. I'm started recording Banjo Kazzoie a few days back, the XBLA port, since its easier to record (and i don't have the cart anymore..) So thats kinda a 64 Game.
I really didn't think Quest 64 was a bad game. I own it and still like to play it every so often.

It's only downside was the stat system. It should have had a Level Up System like Aiden Chronicles: The First Mage.

I would like to see an LP of both Quest 64 and Aiden Chronicles.

I would love to see Paper Mario done, too.

I didn't like Paper Mario when I first played it. But I gave it a second chance and I'm glad I did.
Problem is, there is no good N64 emu with RR, Mupen-RR is broken and desynchs :(
I recommend Sin and Punishment, Jet Force Gemini, and Paper Mario.


Sin and Punishment

I did it once not too long ago on the Wii, but it was on Easy. D: (died once and that was on the last stage on the last Ruffian commander before the final boss) I did had thoughts on submitting it in hopes of fooling "them" (Dazzles are forbidden.), but I doubt they will take it.
The emulator, however, isn't too nice to Sin and Punishment. (black screen explosions)


Quest 64

One of my first N64 games (along with Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Bomberman Hero) I'm probably one of few who beat the game.


Bomberman Hero

As mentioned, my first N64 game. I managed to get everything save for one Millian(?) treasure. >_> I did get 5 (or whatever the highest score is) in all stages though. :3


Jet Force Gemini

I was thinking about doing this too (played a bit). I sorta didn't due to controller problems (can't use Xbox 360 triggers at the same time). Also, a few emulator bugs (doors don't change colors). It's still playable


Donkey Kong 64

Hueg gaem. Used a strategy guide. Don't remember a damn thing about it, aside from Chunky's epic elbow drop hip press and the final boss. "Saved by the bell!"


Paper Mario

'Course it is a great RPG with a VERY simple mechanic (Attack - Defense = DAMAGE! unlike something like Final Fantasy). People rag on it about the paper aspect and how it sucks and looked stupid when I was a kid. I digress.

I could do like...3 or 4 of those, but mupen64 gives audio desync in videos (i prefer to record a long session rather than starting and stopping and fixing audio delay). IF there is a better mupen64 (N64 emulator) that doesn't give audio desync, then I might do them (or hope that "they" will give Dazzle an exception for VC N64 games, which I doubt.)

Other mentionables I can think of: Majora's Mask, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, Goemon's Great Adventure, Body Harvest (fun fact: it is made by Rockstar when they were known as DMA or something. Why do you think there is a mission called "Body Harvest" in one of the GTA games? :3), Yoshi's Story, Pokeymanz Snap?
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