duckman pc longplay

Last updated on 11 years ago
i didn't know till i looked it up on youtube that there was a duck man pc game. and with it, the download link to play it. but my computer, for some odd reason, won't open it. it looks very funyn and wondered if any would do a longplay of it.

here is the link to the youtube vid with the download link in it:
come on. seriously? no one read over this or liked the duckman show? it was hilarious. i mean the download link is right below the youtuve vid. if be the first longplay cause all the youtubes vids showed no one playing it
seriously? no one? no one at all wants to do a pc longplay of duckman?
come now. if you all can look, you all can find. i know its an old game, but if freddy fish and put put the car have longplays, being as old as duckman, then it means someone is able to play it too. i heard it requires an old windows play. heck, even google has the links of the downloaded files, besides the youtube link i left in my first post. come on guys. loads even the old lesuire suit larry was able to be recorded as "let's play". so somebody has got to be able to play it and do a longplay. i really like the tv series and i wold love it if someone did a longplay vid of

Duckman:Legend of the Fall

does the name help anyone now?
Like i said to someone else... i've done lotsa requests as well, and most of them weren't done. So please stop asking about it, it depends if the person has time to do it.

Or 2nd thing see if you can do yourself.
if i was able to do it myself, i wouldn't have a hard time trying to unzip the files from the link from youtube instead of it trying to play on my media player and then rejecting the files.

yes, i understand i must have patience. but the post keeps being buried and its been here for quite a while. i jsut don't want it to fade off till its done
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