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I'm curious if anyone would be willing to do a longplay of a future game called "Catherine" I know it is not realeased yet, but to me it looks like a tricky game. I may still try it when it comes out. Don't forget, there will be more then one ending. For an extra challenge, collect all the items in the block coming stages.

I'm wondering if anyone will do "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep" I'm curious about the prequel to the series and how it all started and how it will tie in with the future Kingdom Hearts games.

Curious if maybe someone would do Star Wars Longplays, besides the ones out there already like "star wars: Shadows of the Empire: for the N64 and "Star Wars: The Force Unleased" That would be fun to watch.

Last think, would be nice if I see some of those Dating Sim games like from Japan or America. Would be neat to watch like "Hourglass of Summer" Sadly the selection would be limited, unless anyone found a way around it. And yes they have multiple endings. Be warn however, the games take a long time to get through with choices being far apart. I guess you could shorten them, but that would go against a longplay.

that is all I can think of. Hope someone might take my requests and also see some more good longplays.
If it helps anyone: Catherine is a puzzle game made by the same team who made the Persona games. I'm sorta hyped for it, but I only have enough money for one game (Otomedius Excellent). I doubt anyone here will do it.

As for Birth By Sleep: I DEFINITELY want to do it. I am sorta hesitant because I dunno if RickyC is going to do it, seeing as he/she/it has done a few PSP games and has pretty much done every KH game except re:Chain of Memories (it is a territory thing. I can do it, but it won't be accepted due to having a Dazzle) If he/she/it isn't going to do BBS (I asked a few times, no answer), I am willing to do it in a few days (the only thing I WON'T do is the Mirage Arena. Video will become laggy, Command Board is boaring, too much grinding, and Iron Imprisoner is a bitch!! For the final fights, I will use my almost 100% file, which has all Commands, Ultima Weapon, ultimate Shotlock, things of that nature. Difficulty will be played on Proud Mode) If I don't get an answer, I will probably just say "Screw it!" and do the damn thing.

As for Star Wars: I could do Shadow of the [d]Empire[/d] Umpire (I had a few go's with it. Imperial Sewers is a scary level, yo!) One problem: mupen64-rr has audio-video desync. If it was fixed, I would've done a few N64 games. I can wait. -checks SNES section- No Super Star Wars? No Empire Strikes Back? Madness! Dun care for Return of the Jedi because I never played it.

Can't say much about the dating sim thing, but as long as it has an ending, it is welcome.

tl;dr: Catherine is a [sexy] puzzle, I want to do Birth By Sleep but don't know if RickyC is thinking about doing it, needz moar Star Wars games (I can do Super Star Wars and Empire with little to no problems. Jedi is questionable), may need moar dating sims.
I've never seen you ask! My psp is dead so i'm not doing anymore games for it, so won't be doing BBS.
I asked in the shoutbox once and in IRC. Shoutbox does move fast sometimes when there's something interesting. =P (and I believe it moved fast that day. LOL) As for IRC, I guess you was either AFK or wasn't in it at the time. :3

Now that I have an answer, I think I will do BBS, probably after doing Darius Burst (Darius Burst is short). I found a way to "speed up" the gameplay to normal speed. If only I knew when I did Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Maverick Hunter X.
Speed up how?
Tell us teh seceretess!
Commandah ScHlAuChi interested?
I wouldn't necessarily call it "speeding up". Iunno.

I played around with RemoteJoyLite's Thread Priority setting. Test subject: Darius Burst (great shmup series, yo!) At 0, gameplay was slow. At default, same ol' slowdown (especially when using the burst laser and when that one captain comes in. I don't know it's name.) At 63, the gameplay was faster, maybe close to normal gameplay speed. When I got to that one captain, gameplay was still normal (or pretty much close to it).

I [d]came[/d] creamed! :3

Just in case someone wants to know how I am doing it:
-CFW (custom firmware) is used to overclock the PSP (333/166 for Game and XMB. XMB is irrelevant.)
-CWCheat (basically a cheat plugin) is used to overclock...again. (may or may not be redundant.) Noticeable results came from Maverick Hunter X (the video that is uploaded here is done with double(?) overclock. :3)
-NOW! Thread Priority at 63. Noticeable results came from Darius Burst. There's slowdown here and there, but it isn't that bad (slowdown is present when a lot of shit is happening, which pretty much describes all the final bosses, especially Great friggin' Thing. >_>) Now, I wonder if this will solve the Mist Cave slowdown on Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection.

Fun fact: my PSP is a dinosaur: PSP-1000.
Maybe I should not have asked for speeding up an Dating sim games. I guess it would just ruin the experience nor would it be right to skip alot of the plot of the games.

Checked more on Catherine. It seems like it will be a tough game, maybe too hard on myself. So good luck on anyone who accepts the challenge. I found out that there are 7 endings to it. So it might take a while to figure out how to get all of them. The first playthrough might take up to 14 hours or less.

Speaking of playthrough with multiply endings, it reminds me of the 9 Persons, 9 Doors, 9 Hours game or whatever you called it. That could of been edited with taking out parts other viewers already saw in the game to save time. Might be useful for the Catherine game to skip or edit out parts.

That is pretty much all I have to say. Hope the info might come in handy.
Yeah. I forgot to mention that Catherine has multiple endings (I believe 6: 2 Law, 2 Chaos, 2 Neutral or something like that.) If one was to do it, they could just show all the endings at the end of the clip.

Oh, and Catherine IS suppose to be hard since it is an Atlus-developed game and 9 times out of 10, Atlus games ARE hard. Hell, when Catherine was released in Japan, Atlus had to create a patch to make the game easier. Later releases (NA and EU) are based on that.
To quote a spokesperson: "'We get off on your tears."
Well, the day has come, the game Catherine is out for the PS3 and whatever other systems. It cost quite alot, so I hope whoever it is is will to spend the full amount. If not, I understand it anybody wants to wait until the price is lower, just would love to see a longplay as soon as possible.

Just to warn you guys again, the puzzle stages are pretty hard, maybe need to playthrough some of them many times to master them. You can work to get Gold for every stage, but I would not recommend it since they are hard enough to beat them, I'm just more concerned about seeing the story parts.

There are 7 endings I think to the game. I personally would love to see the Best ending with Katherine, with a K. But if you rather save the best for last, I understand. Heck it worked for the 9 Persons, 9 Doors 9 Hours game with showing from the Worst ending to the Best ending, which I prefer the Katherine ones being the best, but's it's your choice. Just remember to edit the Longplay so nobody has to see the same gameplay and scenes over and over again, but you can post links at certain parts of the video if someone needs to refresh on what happened.

Again, good luck on this. Oh, for a special bonus, if anyone wants to do the mini-game arcade game as a longplay that is like the puzzle stages, you are most welcome.
Kasarin(sp?) was released today? o_o Didn't noticed (I did know it was going to be released in late July.) I'm interested in it, but I'm not hyped for it.
Get hyped for Otomedius Excellent, yo!! (Gradius + Parodius X bewbz = Otomedius.)

Oh, and Catherine was also released on 360 (diff'rent box art, same game.) I think general consensus is PS3 art > 360 art (whatever has the blonde one. I think the PS3 is the one.)
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