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Now that Phantasy star Lp is finished, Next Game on my list is Phantasy Star II and more random games.
Ok im am going to Longplay Valis II for the SharpX68000 but one thing that will hurt me. In one or more scenes Yuko shows her bear breast, how can i censor that?
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no it would kill the quality of the video
Why do you need to censor it? We've got Tifa Tan, after all...
not for the website, i mean youtube.
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
Ah, ok.

There are some masking plugins available for AviSynth that could be used, and should be possible with internal plugins as well, but neither solution is particularly easy.

I think the easiest way is if you create an image in an editor of your choice. Make the background some uniform color (for example 0000ff for fully blue) and then add a black rectangle where you want the box to be (take a screenshot from the video and measure the pixel positions). Make sure to save it as PNG.

Then split the video in three parts, where the first is everything before the scene you want to censor, the third is everything after the scene and the second one is (obviously) the scene that you want to censor (ie use Trim(0,x), Trim(x,y) and Trim(y,0)). Then use the following (untested, may need tweaks);

# Get a blue mask clip (the same blue as in the image is used: 0000ff)
maskclip = BlankClip(, color=$0000ff)

# Load the "censor image"
censor = ImageSource("C:\My\Dir\censor.png")

# May need to convert format, depending on your clip format.
# ConvertToRGB32(censor)

maskclip = ColorKeyMask(censor, $0000ff, 10)

Overlay(, censor, mask=ShowAlpha(maskclip), mode="blend", opacity=1)

After that, just re-append the three parts into one (clip1+clip2+clip3)
thats tough to do i think i'll just archive it.
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
Well i better update. Currently im doing Final Fantasy IV PC and YES i'll Replace Rosenkruetstillete whatever that game is and complete it right now it's not top priority which is should but it's not. The Phantasy Star Universe was WIP but got canceled at the time. Now it's for keeps.
Wild Arms III is gonna be recorded later, though im supposed to be doing Dragon Warrior VII....Dammit 100+ Hours of that shit....SERIOUSLY? I think im gonna do that last.
Update: It's been almost 2 years time to do this people.

I am now gonna record Dragons Quest VIII, and it's gonna be FUN! that means im gonna do this the best way possible, either "Go Hard or Go Home." wish me luck people.
Well now that i'm kinda settled with other lps, i'm am focusing on Sega Saturn games such as; Shooting games and Rpg on that platform.
Hello, just a quick request: if you're doing anything Japanese and you don't mind, please choose undub versions! (Japanese voices with English text). Thanks :3
i'm not sure that's allowed. We just accept things as they are. Learn japanese and it will be much clear to you.
As far as I know, it is allowed. Either english version of the game or original one (or both ofc).
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No, i meant we don't translate via annotation text. Im sure thats not what you mean ^_^
By undubs, I was referring to hacks that replace the English dubs with the original Japanese voices. For instance, Grandia on PS1 has an undub version - the original Japanese voices with the English translated texts.
well we show off games the way they are meant to be shown, so we really don't provide them unless it was a fan translation.
Time to update this thread:

Right now i am encoding Final Fantasy II (PSP). It should be uploaded soon. For Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary (PSP)...there is one challenge in the game that keeps me from Longplaying it as a whole so i'm not doing that one...yet.
How about doing Final Fantasy Type-0? For the original PSP version, there is a fan translation which is a merged disc (highly doubt it'll work on a real PSP). PS4 remaster was internationally released though.
I tried it and not interested in it.
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