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Last updated on 10 years ago
haven't got time yet to download, but i will :) Sometimes just to busy with work, so i've other things on my head.

And on youtube you can leave a comment as well :)
I have a bit of a crazy request... Have you ever played a game called Constructor? on PC? It's a kind of Strategy game, (hard as hell though) And I would be very grateful if someone did it... And since you did such a good job on WC3 I thought of you! (I can even get you the game if you don't have it... Send me a PM (But only if you are interested in doing the game...)
I don't know that game but I would give it a try :) After I finish The Frozen Throne ofc ;) I am on the 4th mission of the Blood elf Campaign!
I'm glad you're enjoying making longplays of PC games. Good luck on The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III)!
I eat video games, I sleep video games, I play video games...until I had to work 8 hours.
Well the PC is my favourite platform :) however I am sad that I cannot play Castlevania Lords of Shadow (or the other Castlevanias for the PS or Xbox) or Dante's Inferno but I will never buy a console :lol:

PS: Today I am probably starting the Undead campaign of TFT :)
I have finished the main story of TFT and now I am starting the bonus orc campaign. I will TRY to cover as much of it as I can because it is a World of Warcraft-like campaign!
That's true, it's somesort of introduction a few years before WoW got released.
So... Any updates on the Frozen Throne then? It's been a couple of weeks now... :-P
Oh ... I am so sorry I did act I of the orc bonus campaign. And I need just to do act II and III (killing Admiral Proudmoore).

The reason this last 2 acts are going so slow is because I am making a Castlevania game (metroidvania style) and I am baffled with coding and drawing graphics in Game Maker. These days I will sit and try to do the rest of the campaign.
Cool! I'm really looking forward to seeing the Frozen Throne longplay, as I really enjoyed the original WC3 Longplay. :-D
WarCraft III is uploading :) It will be a while because I am with wireless connection and the longplay is almost 50GB :) But it will upload in a week I think :D
50 gig is OK, but I hope 50 gigabytes isn't in a single file?)
Sorry but it is a single file :) All my longplays are going to be single files no matter how big they are :)
WarCraft III TFT is uploaded! Now I only w8 for some moderator to tell me that it is ok because I dont want to upload it for another 7 days :D
I have started Dark Messiah of Might and Magic but I have problems with fraps :( It lags on Cinematics at least on the Intro cinematic :( Ingame frapsing is nice but I cannot record the intro :( As soon as I resolve this issue I will start the game :(

My PC is

Duo Core 2,40 GHz
4 gig RAM
512 GeForce 9600M GT

Everything runs fine for now :(

If anyone could help, please do :)
Right now I am testing fraps with StarCraft and if everything is ok I will start playing it :) StarCraft have some known issues with new Windows versions and I am going to try and fix them.

I think I will start recording StarCraft :)

EDIT: There will be no footage of starcraft there are recording problems. From time to time the loading screens of the missions just dissapear. I tried alot of things but nothing works so I guess if there is someone else that want to record SC just record it ;)
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