Down three words this winter

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Once thought "Millennium Arctic" may be false military intelligence experts did not expect a sudden cooling us to honestly feel the biting cold, what the leather, fur is a cloud! Down is so no one comparable to the cold, warm, fluffy, and thought they felt a little warmer. Although there are fashion people said, "death is not wearing a down jacket, because it is not pretty," but this year could not be more popular down jacket, but popular, and it is absolutely great relationship with fashion. Down bloated ugly past disappeared, all you want, think of the style turns on stage, some "fine fashion," and even bought a different color and style, down jacket for the match. Now, let us look at this year's wave of it down!
● trend Keywords -
Color × down
Black, brown, dark gray, dark blue, these are memories of the classic down jacket color, and in 2010, red, pink, green, purple, yellow, red and green plaid, leopard ... ... all the bright bean-like M & M brilliant colors and fashion colors were each applied to a down jacket, dull winter break. Sometimes, you do not need to bother with such bright colors itself is the best decorated.
× feather fabric
Two years before the rise of a glossy fabric this year does not leave the stage, while there are leather, canvas and denim fabrics and many joined the fray. According to the needs of people in the warm down jacket is also designed under the premise of getting thin, and some can even be folded down jacket stuffed into their own pockets. But do not think that this jacket to focus only on the functional aspects of quilting through the Check processing, not only will not wear them look rustic, but very stylish. moncler outlet
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Style × down
Down in this year's fashion trend is particularly evident, such as motorcycle down jacket, cape down jacket, down jacket suit, as well as dress down jacket! Allows you to completely break the concept of the inherent Down, Down with the influx of people do not like to have fallen in love with it, it is common street shooting star style. Of course, for most people, long down jacket is always a favorite that the most practical, and even knees and ankles of a Down is definitely a girl's beauty gospel, with which you can wear it all kind of skirt, legging and not worry about the cold. There are some people interested in down vest, it has the advantage of cover your chest and back, to ensure the temperature is the same year, major fashion brands have also launched a high index of down vest, is no longer just a style or tooling is different from the old style of sportswear.
× down fur
Relative to the previous points, "Fur" is a number of key words seem weak, however, this is definitely the year you should not be ignored that. Walking down the street, you will find this season 80% of women who are of different sizes dotted fur to fur popularity certainly will not miss a down jacket. In past years only appear in the top hat around, but this year the designer will be expanded to the entire area of ​​fur hat and collar office, or simply to a perfect collage with Down really taken into consideration the requirements of two stylish and warm .
● with words -
Goes without saying it? Waist, waist, or waist. Down this year, has no up and down the side of the brand and then a crude style of the children, there will be more or less waist, whether a short paragraph, or a long section and long section. Even if there is no obvious waist process, manufacturers will be close to the curve coupled with a belt to help you absolutely shattered. Of course, this point also with a new look to solve the problem of changing clothes, as long as you find the right belt, pressure bottom of the jacket can also be brought to light.
● selection of key words -
There are two words sure to remember the simplicity of "see", "click", "touch", "shoot", "rub", "smell", "OK" and "trial." "See", ie, written on the label production factory, which filler is down, and including the charge down the amount, rate and cashmere fabrics, lining and so depends on the ingredients carefully; "press" refers to Down to relax paving, it natural recovery 3 minutes, and then hand press and immediately release to see if it can rebound quickly restored to original condition, or if the shells do not bounce up a long time, indicating the quality of filler not good enough; "touch" is to Yong Shounie to feel down inside, if the touch is the complete raw footage of a small, indicating that the velvet, raw footage, but if feels soft and relatively large and thick, slow rebound also shows a softening raw footage rather than down, but if feels soft, coarse stems with short, hair that is crushing, thermal effects will not be good; final fitting room is going to "try", do not choose too tight.
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