Star Ocean Second Story and Wild Arms

Last updated on 11 years ago
Two Request for PS games

- Star Ocean; Second Story

- Wild Arms

I keep finding terrible youtube "Let's Play" and can't watch them anymore. Thanks
i can do Wild Arms remake or the original?
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Original. What system did the remake come out on? Or are you talking about PS Network
I vote for Star ocean the second story aswell! very Beautifull game! :)
Kinda late with me replying...I think. The remake of Wild Arms 1 was released on PS2 as Wild Arms: Alter Code F.
Any update to either of these titles, thanks
Tri-Ace FTW.
I like ATLUS better, but Tri-Ace is rad. I've always really enjoyed the Star Ocean games. I remember like 14 years ago being pretty excited when I successfully English-Patched a ROM of the Super Famicom game. (<3 D-Jap)
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