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Hello everyone on this site! I am Lair of Rockwhales (sometimes TheLairOfRockwhales or LairOfRockwhale if the site doesn't allow spaces in user names or more than 15 characters). Ironically, I only discovered this whole organization today, so sorry if I seem clueless about some things... anyway, I decided to look at what videos this site had (I was very glad to see Sonic games here as I am a big Sonic fan). I decided to see what LEGO games this site had- and was dismayed to see the only ones were Traveler's Tales games! (TT has been the only company making LEGO games since 2005, while I prefer the ones made by lots of different people from 1997-2004.) I saw on the YouTube channel that apparently other people can submit longplays to this site (this is correct, right?). So I decided, why not try to join and contribute something?

So here I am. I have read the requirements and just need to know if it's alright. I'll probably be around asking more questions, as I have many. I hope I get to know this place better!

See you later, brickulators!
Welcome you are, and yes so far we only have Travellers Tales Lego Games, (Recorded by me (shameless Self Promotion)) As They have been the easiest to record, I never actually got to play any of the other Lego games (except for Bionicle Heroes), so I for one will be very interested in seeing some of them :-D
Well, I certainly will be recording all that I can.
For reference as to what I have (minus licensed TT games):
LEGO Island (PC)
LEGO Chess (PC)
LEGO Racers (PC)
LEGO Rock Raiders (PC) [DOING NOW]
LEGO Rock Raiders (PS1)
LEGO Stunt Rally (PC)
LEGO Creator Knights Kingdom [OPENWORLD] [GLITCHY]
LEGO Island 2 (PC)
LEGO Racers 2 (PC)
Island Xtreme Stunts (PC) [GLITCHY]
Bionicle the game (PC)
Bionicle Heroes (PC)

OPENWORLD being sandbox games, GLITCHY being games that don't work on some computers in this house (LCKK is dead to me now).
I'll try to do as many of these as possible, if none of you mind. Rock Raiders is first. But oh what a long game it is (Speed-running it takes over four hours. Speed-running, not regular game play like I'm doing).
Mine deeper, go further, in high adventure deep underground with the Rock Raiders!
Well I'm glad someone is doing Rock Raiders, I really like that game and once thought I could record it, but it's just not the sort of game I can play and record for some reason. It'll be fun to watch though!

Gotta love the announcer...(Teleport Rock Raider to Planet!)
Yeah, old Chief is really amusing sometimes.
Like when he says "Your Rock Raiders are very clever" and then they all take shortcuts over the lava : D

Glad to see another Rock Raiders player around here.
Mine deeper, go further, in high adventure deep underground with the Rock Raiders!
Haha, yeah. I know I have RR and Alpha Team around here somewhere, who knows maybe I can record Alpha Team? (Although these games sometimes have compatibility issues on new systems)
Oh dang, I forgot I have Alpha Team too. But it falls under glitchy.
Yeah I think they like adding in little speech cues to pester you lol. But I can't find my Alpha team :(
welcome to the site and good luck with your videos
Sic Parvis Magna
Lego Island is also a sandbox game, actually. ;)
I know you from youtube I am legogamesfun
I know you from youtube I am legogamesfun
Nice info, guy.... I will try to play (again) the lego island :)
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