Hello Everyone :D

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What's up guys and girls? I'm new here,i just registered,i though it would be nice to introduce myself! I do walktroughs,for a few months now,first on youtube,than on gameanyone.com. Those were ussualy level split walktrough,in more parts.I've heard from one of you guys on youtube (cubex55's chanel) that there's a way to encode videos to get small file sizes,and that's awesome,cuz i have pretty slow internet connection. I'd love to submit longplays here. :)
I got one question,is there any way to submit longplays from gameanyone.com? There's download page,that i can link you to.That would be perfect,becouse it would take too much time to upload twice.
Greetings! :D
First off, Welcome to the site! as for your videos from the gameanyone.com site, if the quality meets our standards than anything can be uploaded! if you join the IRC (either by in site in the "chat" option, or just google "IRC client" and use of those.) Come chat and talk to one of the admins (ScHlAuChI mainly) they can tell you if the quality meets demand then we'll go from there :)
Metal Gear! uhhggg
sorry but you're not understood, the small size relative to quality. So for example 1 hour of 720p video with size 2GB is small).

2GB for 1 hour of 720p HD Footage is small to me,but i saw some longplays (for example http://www.longplays.org/modules/rmdp/down.php?id=1144 )
where 2 hours of High Definition footage is less than 1.5 Gb!?
How do they pull that off? :P
Thanks for the welcome,i got a question,and i'm sorry if it's dumb. But wtf is IRC? :P :D
An "IRC" is something most people call an "Internet Relay Chat" it lets people talk (as is chat with typing) like you may do on social networks with other people being able to talk to them.
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Well, since I'm the one who did Braid, I guess I can tell you how I did it.

1. Played a game with little motion in it (since all AVC-related codecs encode motion, the less you have, the less bits are required to represent the scene).
2. Chose a bitrate that was perhaps a bit on the low side.
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