Morning folks

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*yaaaawn* (just stood up) :)

Hello everyone, name's Lestina. I just want to make my introduction to you, but at first, i want to thank you:

Thanks to all of you for submitting a lot of awesome longplays!!!
You rescued me in the past of some very, very boring days at work (and at home)!!! ;-)

For over a year, i was just a silent member of the community, watched your videos, but never took an active part in the forum or irc or whatever.

Now, i want to change these things and maybe i'll do some longplays myself.
I talked already with Schlauchi a little bit about recording, encoding and the requirements of the submitted longplays. And thanks to JonL for the guidelines!

I just submitted a testvid of Spellforce 2 (PC Spellforce2 (test) on the ftp server), please give me your constructive criticism and maybe you'll see some other vids as well.

At last: English is not my native tounge, so please forgive me for some grammatical mistakes or misspelling. :-D

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!
Welcome to the active part of the community then. I had a look at the testvideo you did, and it looks great! The quality, resolution everything is perfect. So if you want to record that game, go right ahead using the settings you used on the test! :-D
Welcome to the site and great that you'll record spellforce, awesome game series, played and finished them all, so it would be great if you record every game in the series :)
Sic Parvis Magna
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