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I am Adam "MarioFanaticXV" Butler, a long time gamer who has been playing for over two decades. I found out about Longplays while searching for Let's Play videos on YouTube, and am currently considering doing a Longplay of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (just the base game), though first I'll need to look through the rules and regulations before committing to such an action.

If I do go through with it, I must ask: Which would be prefered? Playing it on my Genesis for authenticity (I use an RF cable for this- yes, my TV card has an RF cable slot) or playing it on the PS2's Sonic Mega Collection Plus for improved video quality?

Any questions? Feel free to ask away!
Well, first of all welcome to the site :-) And as for recording Sonic the Hedgehog 3, you are allowed to use emulators (They give perfect quality) the PS2 version is a viable option if you don't want to use an emulator though, it's just a question of how you capture the video. you can always join the irc if you have any questions, like after 19:00 CET (That is when most people are available)
Welcome! Make sure to join the IRC from time to time.
Welcome to the Site :D
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Capturing from my TV card is easy, I just hit a button and then hit stop. I don't have anything like FRAPs or Cam Studio, so doing it from an emulator wouldn't be so easy for me.
There is a few emus that can do rr and avi dump. Examples: snes9x-rr, gens32-rr
InfiniteCombos your avatar is bad old one was better(No offence)
You could have posted that in the shoutbox, lol
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Because making a comment towards a members avatar picture has nothing to do with this thread and could be said in the shoutbox.
Metal Gear! uhhggg
PS3 is better :)
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