regarding cubex55 unauthorized action

Last updated on 10 years ago

some months ago mistaken i made a comment here

using the name pepinos11

a kiddo named welcometoGARYVILLE discovered my false comment...and he (or she) started to chitchat on purpose on me

as you can see i made a false repeated message instead to welcometoGARYVILLE....i have sent it mistaken to cubex 55...without knowing, hoping the kid would stop to react on purpose

today when i tried to answer to cubbex 55....and to be correct to ScHlAuChi..he (or she) just locked my profile, without letting me to answer

to the stuff of longplay...and especially the members which they are using the name cubex 55......before you lock a might consider to leave some the Pearson can answer....and the whole situation might and probably be over
unless the only members that can use the ID cubex 55 must be unloaders so they can respect and also solve any situations that some troublemaker members wants to make on purpose ...precisely like the case that happened to me

from what i see now even the message that has been sent an hour ago to cubex 55 hasn't been sent from my inbox....weird

the bottom line is that i told on pm that the message was for the user and not for the cubex 55...which was mistaken received

the community of longplay dosent wants troublemakers and also people that they can cover them for their own reasons and purposes

You have to understand that we get hundreds of comments each day, so there is alot of admin work involved - we try to be always fair and only block the total idiots (you wont believe how many there are)
We do all this for free, and the last thing we want is people giving us shit over it - which is why we make short work of such people ;)

As you answered to cubex55 i assumed youre just another one of those idiots we have to deal with on a daily basis ;)
And nope we didnt recieve any messages from you in the Inbox - i guess once a user is blocked it doesnt allow that.

Good you posted here and corrected this - you have been unblocked :)


i am glad that you answered here

you dont understand 1 thing for the conversation that we had yesterday

i didn't wanted to block the user, because i thought that he or she would stop chitchat....even if he or she saw my false message after several months that i have post it
on the other hand you should know that when i send
the message to the user......i thought the message would be received on him or her...because the youtube messenger was referring that the message transfered on him

if i was an idiot as you mentioned i would do several "attacks"on normal basis on every cubex accound regarding misunderstandings like my case

again i am saying that in cases like this should be more wise and warning the troublemakers....rather make comments such as idiots to members that they have been in arguments with other worlds having a cubex55 accound to upload walkthroughts you must and you have to be more responsibility in situations like this one

and for the record...on pm that i have sent you my age is 40...he or she was 29 as you mentioned.....the gap between me or him (her) is too large to understand conversations

As i said, there is so many comments and users to deal with everyday, its hard to deal with them individually, its not like we get paid to do this :)

So while it was a mistake in your case, 99% of the time it just means we save alot of time not dealing with such people :)

But hey it has been solved now :)

case closed

next time i will use the the block button as you mentioned earlier...just in case that someone else will have the same unorthodox behavior regarding posts

i didn't said that you paid for your action
i believe you made a quick and misunderstanding action against me

delete please this topic


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