Sega Mega-Cd 32x in the Sega section.

Last updated on 10 years ago
I was wondering if a Sega Mega-Cd 32x section would be possible? There were 6 Mega-Cd 32x games made, all of which seem to run well under emulation.
Night Trap
Corpse Killer
Supreme Warrior
Slam City with Scottie Pippen
Surgical Strike (Brazil only)
I know the Mega-Cd versions have been done, but there really is quite a difference between versions. Night Trap for the Mega-cd 32x had vastly improved fmv, 32768 colors on-screen, Richer Audio, and there were actual changes to the story. Many of the Sega references are removed, some characters have different attitudes, which change the feel of the story somewhat.
The FMV for Corpse Killer and Fahrenheit are supposed to be superior as well. What do you think, Should there be a Mega-cd 32x section under Sega?
Sections are created once a longplay for it has been done :)
Yes i agree with you.But audio quality is not so improved thats make more uncomfortable.

thanks for sharing.

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